June 28, 2008

Put on your sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there…

Making a quest is hard. Well, maybe not. But I don’t know, I’m just sort of paralyzed while thinking about it. I feel like I’m in this really weird position, where I need to put in some love, and effort, and really make an interesting little slice of something, but at the same time I […]

June 24, 2008

Happy Spend Lots of Money Day!

Did you know it was Spend Lots of Money Day? Cause it is! Here’s what I spent! All of the DnD 4th Edition core rulebooks: $65 – I had on order the 7 dollars cheaper boxed gift set, which game in a nice case, but it got delayed so that I wouldn’t get my books […]

June 21, 2008

Never Send Out Probes: They will only come back as monsters to kill you

So I saw they had the entire Orange Island series of Pokemon in a little DVD set for 27 dollars at Best Buy today, and I was like… it took all kinds of restraint not to buy it. But the whole “not working” thing combined with the whole “Still have half of Sam and Max […]

June 18, 2008

Welcome to Grind-fest 2008!

I have Etrian Odyssey 2. I’ve been grinding, and my party just hit level 10, and I still don’t think I can take on the first F.O.E. Grindgrindgrind! Oh, whooo! I beat one! Only after throwing every single one of my character’s desperation limit-breaky moves at it, though. Which I only had up because I […]

June 16, 2008

Someone might be a flake of snow! That’s special! And that someone is me!

I am a special, special snowflake. My opinion, as an amazingly special snowflake, is that every online shooter should have Mercenary Team Deathmatch. I mean, the ability to make a party of friends and have them follow you around and always be on your team? It’s a damn amazing, feature, and any game that doesn’t […]

June 15, 2008

Okay, but I get to name the next strategy.

So I think I have a gong strategy. Start my day by summoning “tasteful” gifts and hearts until I’m low on MP, then gong for Shape Of… Mole! Get the stats, the Morlock’s Mark Bourbon, (because I don’t have cocktailcrafting but I can’t make lots of Boring Spaghetti, making it a better choice than the […]

June 13, 2008

I’m a pleasure-seeker, shopping for a new distraction.

I’m a pleasure-seeker, looking for some platinum action. I’m a pleasure-seeker, moving to the music! I’m a pleasure-seeker, looking for the real thing! Yep. Llama Lama First Impressions OMG! Man, it takes a lot of MP for the neat rewards for Form of… Bird! Like, I healed MP at Doc Galaktik’s, something I never do, […]

June 10, 2008

Tabletop Roleplaying Idea Things

So today I, perhaps pointlessly, bought a copy of the Player’s Handbook for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Also, I didn’t look at it and instead got caught up in my other book, When You Are Engulfed In Flames, which Essner got me for a several months old birthday present and is completely awesome. But […]

June 4, 2008

Rapid Fire Ramblings: KoL Levelling, WoW Card Game, Work Tonight, Warlords, TH Farming Math

I really feel like I’m wasting days in KoL recently. I’ve mostly just been grinding levels… I remember having problems here last time, but you’d think with the “tasteful” gifts and candy hearts at my disposal, I’d be doing better. But no. Sigh. Oh well, it’ll make it all easier once I get back to […]