June 28, 2008

Put on your sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there…

Making a quest is hard.
Well, maybe not. But I don’t know, I’m just sort of paralyzed while thinking about it. I feel like I’m in this really weird position, where I need to put in some love, and effort, and really make an interesting little slice of something, but at the same time I know my friends are going to dick around in it, and I’ll have more fun if it’s somewhere I don’t mind dicking around with too. So I just keep trying to think of that middle of the road sort of idea… I don’t know. I suppose I could just use the little thing in the back of the DMG, or Keep on the Shadowfell, in parts or as a whole… but again, I don’t know. Also, I still have no fucking idea what I’m going to do about mapping. Bleh.

I did, however, see Wall-E last night, and dammit, Pixar is just great, you know? Essner and I talked about it today, and I can tell he’s still down on it. I’m not saying it doesn’t help if I can let your childish side out and just be charmed by all the cute robots doing cute things, but it’s a great movie besides, and a surprisingly dark one. But yeah. You all should see it. It’s pretty awesome. Pretty awesome yes. Also, you get bonus Fred Willard. There’s no downside!
Or something. I don’t feel like I can say anything to really do the film justice.

In other news, everyone is playing FFTA2! Even me, though apparently in smaller chunks than they are! And I got Ticket to Ride on XBLA, which is fantastic, but I don’t think Spaeth and Jonathan got into it too much when I made them play it. So that’s unfortunate, but at least I can still play with the Talking Tyrants.


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