June 24, 2008

Happy Spend Lots of Money Day!

Did you know it was Spend Lots of Money Day? Cause it is! Here’s what I spent!

All of the DnD 4th Edition core rulebooks: $65 – I had on order the 7 dollars cheaper boxed gift set, which game in a nice case, but it got delayed so that I wouldn’t get my books until like… August. That’s kinda shitty. I tried to get them to switch over my order and keep my 7 bucks, but they wouldn’t, so… I just ordered them all individually, and then signed up for that Amazon Prime trial for free 2-day shipping. I assume if I order another thing (Which I will, Brer’s birthday present) during this month, using that free trial was worth it. I also went ahead and pre-ordered Freakazoid on DVD, hoping it would lock in that free shipping action. Let’s hope! And if you need anything from Amazon, I’m the person to come to for the next month.
A new network card: $17 – I’m tired of all the BSODs when I torrent things, and some internet research determined that it was due to the network card I was using being shitty. So I bought a new cheap one. I’m testing if it’s fixed the problem now… if I complete this episode of Doctor Who without resetting three times, the cost will be worth it.
Microsoft points: $20 – Ticket to Ride comes out on XBLA tomorrow, and I must be prepared. Also, I’m sort of hoping the fucked up named Roogoo is addictive, but I haven’t tried the demo yet.
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift: $40 – Thanks, Squeenix tax, for making this expensive! But it’ll be totally worth it. After I finish this blogging, I’m totally going to try it. I’m sure I’ll enjoy.
Gasoline: $30 – Yay for a little over half a tank of gas!

Total Expenditure today: $172 Whoo! Money spent, baybee! Fun times! I didn’t need all that money anyway, and I certainly don’t need to work to replace it. Thanks, Kohl’s, for scheduling me so much, by the way!

On another note, all this talking with Brer has made me feel all guilty again, and I’m trying his books. I’m keeping notes! I might type up my impressions at some point, but not right now, cause, you know, Tactics. But I’m going to be doing that in bed for the next couple of days. I don’t have high hopes. I’m sorry, love. They just don’t seem fun… but we’ll see what happens.

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