June 18, 2008

Welcome to Grind-fest 2008!

I have Etrian Odyssey 2. I’ve been grinding, and my party just hit level 10, and I still don’t think I can take on the first F.O.E. Grindgrindgrind!
Oh, whooo! I beat one! Only after throwing every single one of my character’s desperation limit-breaky moves at it, though. Which I only had up because I had done grinding for like 20 minutes before hand. Man, I make this game sound so appealing, don’t I?

Well, it is. Why? Because it’s a very customizable experience. Most people don’t think it strange to get joy out of grinding in FFT or FFV for hours to get their own special weird combinations of powers, right? That’s just fun. This is the same way. I can hire anyone I want, and mix up any weird party I’d like, and have at it. See what happens. See if I can survive a very harsh and hardcore game with that group. Etc. It is fun. It’s a neat game. But if you don’t find those sorts of aspects appealing and hate dungeon crawling, stay far, far away.

Still, I went with a Protector and War Magus for my front line. I’m learning Protectors suck balls, though. I hope I can make it work out. My back line is a Troubadour, Gunner, and Medic. I’m sad they took away the Troubadour’s TP regen song, but he’s still pretty nice. He’s also the only male in my party. Heh. Anyway, I’m going to keep rambling about it and asking for advice on Talking Time and seeming like a complete n00b, even though I’ve played the first one. Fun times!

Anyway, I gotta see how far I can get before Civilization Revolution came out, as that’s next on the game-buying agenda. CivRev team? Your demo completely sold me this game, by the way. Totally off my radar, then, bored, I played your demo? And now I literally cannot wait. I hope your claims that the DS version’s gameplay is exactly the same as the 360 version besides interface tweaks holds true, because that is exactly, exactly what I want.

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