June 4, 2008

Rapid Fire Ramblings: KoL Levelling, WoW Card Game, Work Tonight, Warlords, TH Farming Math

I really feel like I’m wasting days in KoL recently. I’ve mostly just been grinding levels… I remember having problems here last time, but you’d think with the “tasteful” gifts and candy hearts at my disposal, I’d be doing better. But no. Sigh. Oh well, it’ll make it all easier once I get back to not grinding. I think I hopefully will be able to do the Castle tomorrow, and from there start slowly on the level 11 quest, so wish me luck.

Essner bought a WoW card game starter, and so did I, and we played. The game really is quite fun. Moreso than other card games I’ve tried out. It helps to be so connected to WoW, too, as when I use a move I already have a connection to it, you know? Also, all the Ally cards have ridiculous names. Anyway, I was hopefully that this would help to convince people to go in on my raid strategy from before, but Jonathan is still all non-committal, which sucks. Oh well.

I hope to gods there’s a shift or two I can pick up when I get to work tonight. I also hope that tonight does not last very long, even though more hours would be nice. But oh well, we’ll see either way, won’t we? I’m definitely getting candy and caffeine before, though. I want.

So I bought Warlords for the 360 on a whim. Even though quite a few of the achievements are bugged for some stupid reason, the game is a lot of fun. I don’t know if everyone else will share my love of it, though… hopefully the Tyrants will. Either way, it was just 5 bucks, so whatever. I’m going to spend almost 5 bucks on caffeine and candy later tonight, so… it doesn’t mean that much to me. Heh.

Oh, also, the other day, I did the math. It was all bleeeeeeh, but I did the math, and just to let everyone know: If you’re farming the Cube, like me, it is worth it to pay extra for Misters Tea over Gingers. You will make a profit.
Just, you know… so you know.

I’ve been feeling so lost recently… I hope that turns around soon… but oh well, there’s an update on me, eh? Now for laziness before work.

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