June 10, 2008

Tabletop Roleplaying Idea Things

So today I, perhaps pointlessly, bought a copy of the Player’s Handbook for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Also, I didn’t look at it and instead got caught up in my other book, When You Are Engulfed In Flames, which Essner got me for a several months old birthday present and is completely awesome. But anyway, so when talking about that with Brer, and such, and we’re been talking about the Shadowrun attempt that went down and really was kinda boring in my eyes and the idea of me GMing something… and I want to do something fun, you know? I could do it, but I don’t want work. I want to enjoy it, through and through. Something fun. That’s what I kept saying.

So here are some ideas that are fun.
Bunnies and Burrows: Granted, I think I would rather be a PC telling bunny folktales, but I would love to just see this in action. I have no ideas for it or anything, no grand story arc plan, and I think the GURPS rules are kinda lame and stupid. I don’t care. Bunnies. Burrows. Yes.
Pokethuhlu: I would run this. For reals. I would have a blast. For Reals. Basically any way to play a children’s TV show I would be ecstatic about. I remember planning a whole horrible Yu-Gi-Oh GX campaign that would be so horribly awesome.
Primetime Adventures: I think this would work less without the LARPing aspect, but would probably still run fine. Of course, what the little group would actually want to do I do not know. Probably not the kids show I’d want to do. But then again, it’s all about negotiating a neat show together, isn’t it?
The Nighttime Animals Save the World: Due to the mechanics, this might not work well over the internet either. But it would be fun, yes?
BESM: I would dig out my book, wherever it be hiding, to run something like this. But again, what it would need is to heavily play on Anime stereotypes and such more so than actually… you know… telling a neat story? Sort of in the same way I’d like to do a kid’s show RPG.
Everyone is John: Well, I think it would be awesome for one night, anyway.
Paranoia: As much as I LOVE this game, I just feel like it wouldn’t work right… like… Brer says he likes the game, but I don’t feel like he’d get into it, and I don’t know the other people well enough… well, I don’t know them well enough for anything like this, really. Anyway, Paranoia is a game I don’t hate that I actually have experience with and could run. It just isn’t as exciting to me at this moment. Also, I have no fucking idea where my mom hid the book for it.

Yeah, my ideas are kinda silly, I guess. Oh well, I can dream.

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