June 16, 2008

Someone might be a flake of snow! That’s special! And that someone is me!

I am a special, special snowflake.

My opinion, as an amazingly special snowflake, is that every online shooter should have Mercenary Team Deathmatch. I mean, the ability to make a party of friends and have them follow you around and always be on your team? It’s a damn amazing, feature, and any game that doesn’t have it and expects to have people playing it online? They’re fools. But by creating this party system, you create another problem for casual players like me who just want to shoot people for a few rounds every week or so. These parties of clan members who play nothing but these games roam around, and the chances of you not getting in a game with them are slim. If you are lucky enough to be on their team, you’re useless but win. If you’re not, you’re useless and lose. The ability gap is too big most of the time. Call of Duty 4’s solution is this Mercenary Team Deathmatch. It’s just Team Deathmatch, but you can’t bring parties into it. The change is immediately felt. I can get a 1 to 1 kill to death ratio in this hopper, which is all I want, really. I am so rarely overwhelmed. The power-players stay out of this hopper, because the power-players are playing with their power-playing team against other power-playing teams. It is just the perfect mode for me, and I think anyone who casually wants to play online shooters alone. Every game should have this, just like every game should have a party system.

Then again, maybe CoD4 is just so awesome in multiplayer that it’s keeping my interest no matter what. CoD4 multiplayer is currently my podcast game of choice. As in, you know, game I play while listening to podcasts. That’ll probably change Tuesday when I pick up Etrian 2, though. That’s a pretty good podcast-listening game. All nice and grindy and stuff.

Anyway, the important part is, you know, that I’m a special, special snowflake. Whoooo!

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