June 21, 2008

Never Send Out Probes: They will only come back as monsters to kill you

So I saw they had the entire Orange Island series of Pokemon in a little DVD set for 27 dollars at Best Buy today, and I was like… it took all kinds of restraint not to buy it. But the whole “not working” thing combined with the whole “Still have half of Sam and Max on DVD that I haven’t watched” thing made me balk on it. Oh well. The last thing I need is Pokemon on DVD, but I wants it.

So last night, after so much searching for a clan with, like, people in it, random conversations with Cristiona (Twilight Heroes chat moderator who has quickly become a really good friend, for those who don’t know) have caused me to join her softcore character’s clan, the Ernest Borg Nine. I don’t think there are nine members, though. Anyway, so I look forward to seeing if her’s is more happening than my old furry clan with seemingly nobody in it. Worst Case Scenario: I get meat instead of snack machine chips. Best Case Scenario: I get to be part of an awesome clan. She also invited me in so that I could give their instance of Hobopolis a try. I probably will, though I will wait until the end of this run. I’m perming Tao, so I need to level anyway, and I can dive in with my extra turns and see what hobos I can kill. Maybe I’ll get so addicted I’ll see it till the end! Or maybe not. Who knows?
The important thing is, though, that I am making a lot of in-game money. With my recent switch to actually using fortune cookies to control semi-rares (thanks, once again, to Cris for hooking me up with a Greasemonkey Script to make it possible) I’ve been farming Lunchboxen to sell. Those things sell for 50,000 meat, which is just… insane. That’s a lot of meat. So I’ve been getting one of those every other day (The way semi-rares work, I can’t get two of the same one in a row) to sell, and then some distilled fortified wines for myself. I’ve also been selling all the feathers I’ve been making in Form of… Bird!, which is nice, since the way I get them, it doesn’t really affect what I do, so it’s kinda free money… that added to my pepsi point funds… well, I’ve got a lot of meat again! Unfortunately, I think I’ve got basically everything in the past that’s in my price range. Heh. So I’ll just be saving it for a rainy day, I suppose.

Spaeth is over here, and we were talking DnD! We were even going to make characters, (Jonathan was thinking of naming his character “Loinrender”) but got distracted by Star Trek movies. Oh well, so it goes.

I also learned that Tactics Advance 2 comes out next week. Dammit. I’m not going to have near enough time with Etrian 2…

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