June 13, 2008

I’m a pleasure-seeker, shopping for a new distraction.

I’m a pleasure-seeker, looking for some platinum action.
I’m a pleasure-seeker, moving to the music!
I’m a pleasure-seeker, looking for the real thing!


Llama Lama First Impressions OMG!
Man, it takes a lot of MP for the neat rewards for Form of… Bird!
Like, I healed MP at Doc Galaktik’s, something I never do, because it was my first time and I wanted the reward I picked, which was the glimmering raven feather. But man. At level 4, using a 20 MP attack 5 times is expensive and difficult. Heh. I wasted more meat that I should have. But I had fun, so I suppose that’s fine. I think that getting a glimmering penguin feather will probably be the easiest, since the move I have to use, Antarctic Flap, refills MP. But you never know, I guess. It’s also one of the lamer buffs… Phoenix, Right? and Melancholy Burden are more what you want to go for. You know, if you aren’t just getting the glimmering roc feather for spleen turns. Which is what everyone got the thing for. Mostly.
I also did the Cockroach, which was much more straightforward. I thought the Cockroach would be all about the stat gains, but apparently it’s about a stat gain, a little MP or a stat gain, and then a nice little buff. Ack! Barred! is a pretty horrible but funny name for a buff, though.
Anyway, I’m sure the Llama Lama is going to end up being worth it. I’ve just never had anything like these gongs to attempt to work into my runs. I suppose I’ll figure something out, even if I just Cockroach for buffs when I need it. Also, I guess I need to try out Shape of… Mole! still. Heh.

So here’s my impression of my job. “Hey, why don’t you train person after person after person, and some are decent but a lot kinda incompetent and slow learners, and do that forever and ever and then we’ll make you work only 1 day a week! Yaaaaaay!” So I don’t have anything to do next week, and it’s really looking like, this time, I won’t be lucky enough to pick up more hours. Sigh. So I need something to do to keep me occupied… any ideas? I’m vaguely debating trying to get that DnD 4th Ed starter preview campaign thing, Keep on the Shadowfell or whatever, and trying to get everyone to try to it to see if they’d like it. But I dunno. There’s more money spent in a week where I’m already buying Etrian 2 and such. Bleh, I’ll think of something, I guess.

Oh, also, Jonathan’s new nickname is “Sweet Beef.” So call him that as often as possible.

I’m going to go shoot people and listen to podcasts now. I’ve been playing a lot of CoD4 Multiplayer recently, of all things.

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