May 30, 2008

The Dark Deed is Done

So the Let’s Play has finally been completed. It ended… well, you can see for yourself. Once again, here’s the link for the start of the thing. Let’s just say I have now gotten further honors, with things such as getting 5 out of 5 Parish heads. That’s intense. As far as doing another? I’m […]

May 28, 2008

Crown of the Goblin King + Hatrack = Awesome, and other random things.

So I’m playing my Hardcore Pastamancer 100% Hatrack run, right? And it’s going really badly. I can’t kill anything, can’t get anything done, and have run out of easy tasks to do. Ugh. Really bad. Finally, I just say “fuck it,” and blow a rainbow of Candy Hearts and a cheap studded belt to attempt […]

May 20, 2008

Let’s Plays are a lot of work.

I mean, I knew this before I started, but seriously, now that I’m doing one, it is a lot of work. I’ve been doing so much worrying about it, as well. I started it, and then Parish put a “Okay, enough with the stupid Let’s Plays” post, which, granted, was probably not directed at me, […]

May 17, 2008

USPS and KoL: Two Random Rants that Taste Random Together

So apparently my Amazon boxes, which include the all-important Sam and Max DVDs as well as Essner’s birthday present (his birthday is today. Happy thing, Essner!), were totally lost by the USPS. Or stolen from my front porch. Or something. The USPS website says they were delivered at 9:4something AM yesterday, which is kinda ridiculous […]

May 14, 2008

Rapid Fire Ramblings: Writing, Grades, KoL, Rain-Slick, DS Homebrew, Greenhouse DRM, Everyday

So that whole me starting writing thing? Yeah, that hasn’t happened. I was going to on Monday, but then I got distracted and eh… I should. I know I should. But I also just want to have fun and my mind is working in Small Souls, not Role-Playing. I suck at projects. But other than […]

May 9, 2008

Review Extravaganza Friday, New Games Journalism Edition: Crossword DS

So if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I will never do a puzzle in a book or something unless I’m CRAZY BORED, but I will do sudoku and crossword puzzles and such all day long if they’re on the DS. Why is that? Well, 1, I’ve sort of trained myself to get my […]

May 6, 2008

SMILES GO FOR MILES; or I am a Heart Who Likes Silly Games

So I tried sleeping in today, for the first time in a long while… it didn’t really work well, and I had half-dreams about both meeting and being the Doctor at the same time (“Hi, I’m the Doctor.” “No, I’m the Doctor!”) and then I finally got out of bed and I was all cranky […]

May 2, 2008

A Chronicle of How Lame I Am

So I picked up Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Time (Cause 1, exploring time is neater than exploring darkness and 2, this is the version with Lucario in it) and I love it! It has several appeals for me over Shiren. The first is that it’s Pokemon, and I get how Pokemon mechanics work […]