May 20, 2008

Let’s Plays are a lot of work.

I mean, I knew this before I started, but seriously, now that I’m doing one, it is a lot of work.
I’ve been doing so much worrying about it, as well. I started it, and then Parish put a “Okay, enough with the stupid Let’s Plays” post, which, granted, was probably not directed at me, but it put the pressure on. And then I was checking rules and making sure the fiction-y bits were okay… so much so that I kept waking up constantly last night worrying about Arkham die rolls and rules, and didn’t get any sleep.
But yeah, I think it’s turning out okay. It’s this thread on Talking Time. My Arkham Horror Let’s Play, full of rules information and little creative bits fleshing out the back story of the investigators. Follow it. Tell me what you think of it, and tell me I know the rules wrong, because I’ve already had one big rule oversight pointed out to me. My pride as a rule whore has been tarnished. Still, though a lot of work, it is pretty fun. I mean, I’ve been working on it basically non-stop since I started it. I’m really tired. I have a week of work ahead of me. But still, it’s worth it to actually accomplish something, and to have people there with that push to make sure I get something done I start. I’m glad I’m doing it.
I just hope the game doesn’t run TOO long. I’d like to be done with this sometime next week. Heh.

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