May 30, 2008

The Dark Deed is Done

So the Let’s Play has finally been completed. It ended… well, you can see for yourself. Once again, here’s the link for the start of the thing. Let’s just say I have now gotten further honors, with things such as getting 5 out of 5 Parish heads. That’s intense.
As far as doing another? I’m going to be lazy for a few weeks, and then, if I feel the need for mass public approval once again, will order The King in Yellow and do a play-through of that. That is the plan. But the fact that I got this done is awesome. I never finish projects. I’m so proud of me. I’m giving me a pat on the back. Pat Pat Pat.

Now I turn my attention to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, which is as awesome as it is completely confusing. I have a FAQ open at all times while playing it. But it’s fun, and I’ve got nothing to play until Etrian 2 comes out, so I might as well try to blaze through as much as I can.
Honestly, I wish there was a good Megaten game on, say, the DS. I would eat that shit up and beat the crap out of it. The only portable whatever I’ve heard of is DemiKids, and that’s impossible to find and not really what I’m looking for. I’d like it, though. Maybe they could translate the originals and put them on a DS cart or something. I can hope. Not that it’ll do me much good, but I can hope.

Anyway, uh, that’s what I’ve been doing. Fun times, eh?

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