May 17, 2008

USPS and KoL: Two Random Rants that Taste Random Together

So apparently my Amazon boxes, which include the all-important Sam and Max DVDs as well as Essner’s birthday present (his birthday is today. Happy thing, Essner!), were totally lost by the USPS. Or stolen from my front porch. Or something. The USPS website says they were delivered at 9:4something AM yesterday, which is kinda ridiculous because we didn’t get our mail until like 5 PM yesterday. So they scanned them wrong, or lost them, or handed them to someone else… I don’t know. I called Amazon because the phone number for the Post Office is eternally busy, and they said their policy is to send me replacements if I don’t get them 3 days after the estimated arrival date, so if worse comes to worse, I can get replacements shipped out to me on Thursday. But that still sucks, as that means it’s like 2 more weeks of waiting… at least I don’t get gypped out of money, though. I’m probably going to go try to do something at the Post Office on Monday, though… see if I can find them… because, hell, not like I have anything better to do during this summer vacation. Also, it would get me out of the house, which some would see as a benefit.
The other thing I wanted to ramble about a little was the Mayfly Bait Necklace, an item I totally wasn’t planning on getting, but then they beefed it up and I was thinking about it. It now has a static +10% Meat and Item drop on it, and I use Baron Von Ratsworth’s Monocle for a large portion of my early run (especially now that I have that Hagnk script that keeps me from having to pull EVERYTHING from storage and thus probably saves me a little meat every run) for just the 10% item find. I could pull this necklace day 1, and I’d wear it for most of the run, probably up until I can equip my war medals, and even then I might for the neat fly effects, which were the appeal for me all along. I don’t care about being optimal, but I don’t want to hurt my progress, and equipping the necklace before probably would have done that. Now? Not so much. So I picked it up.
My first impressions though have been fairly mediocre. It’s helped me kill a few Naughty Sorority Nurses that I wouldn’t have killed otherwise, and picked up a bunch more PADL Phones (And not the Frat Army FGFs I was wanting), but outside of their specific neat effects, it’s sort of like casting “Equip a Mayflower Bouquet too.” Which I don’t mind. I like the potato effect very much. But it’s not blowing me away. However, I have a feeling that many of the special things it does, like scaring away Pixel monsters and getting me clockwork parts so that I can start trying out building things like Chef-in-a-boxen and Bartender-in-a-boxen, will end up making it worth it in the long run. Of course, after this, I’m doing a Hardcore No Path Pastamancer run, so I won’t be able to really see its effects until after that… but so it goes.
Okay, I guess I best go work this floor shift. Been awhile. Here’s to hoping for the best with that.

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