May 28, 2008

Crown of the Goblin King + Hatrack = Awesome, and other random things.

So I’m playing my Hardcore Pastamancer 100% Hatrack run, right? And it’s going really badly. I can’t kill anything, can’t get anything done, and have run out of easy tasks to do. Ugh. Really bad. Finally, I just say “fuck it,” and blow a rainbow of Candy Hearts and a cheap studded belt to attempt to kill the Knob Goblin King, and pull it off. Suddenly, I have the Crown, and with it, a way to make my Mad Hatrack a half Ghuol half Barrrnacle. It was like the rain stopped, sunlight poured down, and happy music began to play, because suddenly I could kill things again. If he did the delevel, I could kill stuff with my normal attack, and if he didn’t, I actually had enough MP for Ravioli Shurikens. Man, I love Ghuol-based familiars, and deleveling really does make a difference. Things are looking up!
Moral of the Story: I have these special consumable-summoning skills for a fucking reason, I shouldn’t be so hesitant to blow candy hearts and such on things, because I will almost always have too many unless I am running them constantly.

Well, my Let’s Play is coming to a close, which is why I haven’t been posting here. It’s been called “Solid Gold Win” so I suppose that’s means it’s been successful. It’s been fun writing stuff on a regular basis and getting such great feedback, but I can’t say I’m not unhappy it’s almost over. A shame I’m probably going to lose the game, though… I’m going to post more story bits tonight, and try to finish it up with ultimate epic conflict tomorrow. Fun times.

Speaking of fun times, I finally opened up that sealed copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne sitting on my desk, and started playing. It’s been good so far, although I just know the game is going to start ramping up in difficulty instead of staying about here or slightly higher, where I would like it. Oh well, there’s nothing coming out this summer like… at all… besides Tactics Advanced 2… so I have plenty of time to see if I can’t work through it. Fun times!

Did I mention fun times!

Anyway, there’s that update I should have been making.

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