May 2, 2008

A Chronicle of How Lame I Am

So I picked up Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Time (Cause 1, exploring time is neater than exploring darkness and 2, this is the version with Lucario in it) and I love it! It has several appeals for me over Shiren. The first is that it’s Pokemon, and I get how Pokemon mechanics work and I like Pokemon. The second is that you only lose half your items and all your money when you die. In Shiren, you lose EVERYTHING, including your level. In this game, if I fail, the next time I try, it’s easier because I get to keep my experience. This lets me just grind until I can beat something, which perhaps is not the true spirit of the roguelike, but what do I care? I’m having fun. And… THREE, SMILES GO FOR MILES! Oh, um, I mean… it’s cute. I like cuteness. I mean, I met an exploration team called Team Flame with a Camerupt, a Ponyta, and, finally, the fearless leader… a Bellsprout. So cute. And the Kangaskahn at the bank still called me Sweetie and Honey. Heehee.
Anyway, I was enjoying my game and talking to CJ Awesome, a Talking Timer who I actually chat with from time to time, and he had played it a bit awhile back, and we were discussing this whole world the game takes place in. I mentioned that it was weird that, in a world where Pokemon run a society and whatnot, these Pokemon know what humans are. If they know of humans, they’re in the normal Pokemon world, and then they wouldn’t be able to build these elaborate bases and towns because humans would tromp by and throw Pokeballs at them or something. Mr. Awesome then said that he always assumed these games took place in the Pokemon Afterlife. “How would a dead human end up there?” I then wondered. “Mistakes are sometimes made,” he said.
This whole scenario, to me, just seems like it could be so interesting. I mean, you’re already a human accidentally a Pokemon in the game, and you don’t remember how you got there or what happened before… it could just be expanded in an interesting way, is all I’m saying. A trainer, dead, accidentally thrown into another afterlife, coming to meet those Pokemon that he or she trained, develop relationships, perhaps romances, before realizing everything that’s going on, that they were the trainer of these Pokemon, that they can get back to the right afterlife, and having to make that choice. Or maybe someone is trying to correct that mistake and they don’t want to go back…
It’s at that brainstorming point when I realize how lame I am. Sure, I would find such a story extremely interesting, but the idea of someone investing time into creating an actually involving narrative in a Pokemon game is just retarded. It’s Pokemon. You buy it for the cuteness and the shockingly intense gameplay mechanics. You don’t need a story, and thus it makes no sense to add one. Yet, I’m so connected to this whole Pokemon world that I want to see more serious things done in it.
Come to think of it, that’s probably why I’m looking forward to that Sonic RPG. The idea of it is ridiculous in the same way, and yet Bioware is making it. It could blow me away, have that childish charm I love so much and still be interesting, you know?
I don’t know, it doesn’t make much economical sense, but I think it would be awesome. The fact that my mind considers, even if just for an instant, the idea of writing fanfics along the lines of what I rambled tells me I would DEVOUR something like that.
Man, I am so lame. And yet, I don’t really care too much, you know? As long as I’m having fun, who the fuck cares, right? I’ll get back to my kiddy roguelike now.

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