May 14, 2008

Rapid Fire Ramblings: Writing, Grades, KoL, Rain-Slick, DS Homebrew, Greenhouse DRM, Everyday

So that whole me starting writing thing? Yeah, that hasn’t happened. I was going to on Monday, but then I got distracted and eh… I should. I know I should. But I also just want to have fun and my mind is working in Small Souls, not Role-Playing. I suck at projects.

But other than that, what else is going on, you say? Why, I checked my grades for the semester, and escaped with a 3.25 GPA, which, at this point, is perfectly perfectly fine with me. I could do better. I know I could. But at least I’m getting things DONE. That’s all I want. As long as I’m passing these classes with decent grades so I can graduate in December, I have succeeded in my book. So huzzah! Something like that!

I also got the “I Love A Parade” trophy in KoL last night, which means I’ve almost completed my 11th Post NS-13 ascension. Neat! Or something like that. I should hopefully be done with this one within the week, unless I decide to get the red balloon of valor. Which I might. Doing such things is really good for profits, and possibly getting another Natty Blue wouldn’t be a bad thing… I do sort of want a full set before I start selling them. You never know when I might decide to do a farm and level to basement thing. I do want to at least get the first level of telescope sometime. Probably will never get any more than that, though. Heh. Basementing holds no appeal for me besides that piece of campground equipment. Anyway, I’ve made up my mind that my next run is a no-path Hardcore Pastamancer run for Pastamastery and the stainless steel solitaire. So wish me luck with that… hopefully being no-path means the run will go much faster than previous pathed hardcore runs… that’ll bring my list of hardcore skills to Pastamastery, Amphibian Sympathy, and Cannelloni Cocoon. Oh, and Summon “Tasteful” Gifts and Summon Candy Hearts, I suppose. That’s a pretty decent loadout for my un-optimal play style.
Man, just looking at that Plexiglass pith helmet… it is godly. I’d like it. But man, I’d have to do another Hardcore Oxy run to get it. Fuck that.

On the gaming front, apparently Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness comes out next week? I guess I finally need to make the decision on where I’m going to pick the game up. Since your character carries over, it’s going to be forever. It’s basically down to getting achievements on the 360 vs what I assume will be more flexible download rights granted to me on the PC. The fact that they made their own download service, however, makes me wary… not because I don’t trust them but because, I dunno, I use Steam pretty much exclusively for such things. I don’t for Sam and Max (and, whenever it comes out, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People) because they offer me that sweet deal where they send me a physical copy after the season ends for no charge but shipping. (However, they’ve completely met and exceeded my expectations. Their copy protection is low to no hassle, and they let me re-download whenever I’d like and install wherever I’d like. That’s how DRM should be.) Rain-Slick won’t be offering me such a deal. Also, achievements, and the fact that the real-time RPG combat seems like it would work better with a gamepad… I don’t know. I’ll think about it some more. Either way I’m buying it next Wednesday, though. I also have a feeling that it might come down to me being too lazy to run out and buy a Microsoft Funmoney card.

I also have added homebrew capabilities to my DS… well, I ordered stuff to add them to my DS. It hasn’t gotten in yet. Why? It was pretty much solely because of this: Lone Wolf DS. That shit just looks like a lot of fun, and on the DS is a form in which I could consume it. Loki is doing an awesome Let’s Play of the book version on Talking Time here, and it’s all awesome. I wanna play too! But yeah, after I play that, I guess I need to look for other sweet, sweet homebrew stuff. Anyone know of any awesome homebrew games or programs for the DS?

Ah, I found a thread discussing the DRM on Greenhouse games. That doesn’t sound too bad, but I think I prefer Telltale’s system. Or Steam. I like Steam.

In fact, I just bought a new game on Steam, Everyday Shooter. It was going to be a PC game, and then Sony paid him fat stacks of cash to make it a PS3 exclusive, and now, out of nowhere, it got released on PC, so I plugged in my 360 controller and have been playing it. The basic description of it is if you like music arty kinda games like, say, Rez, and you don’t mind Robotron-style shooters, this game is for you. The problems I have with it is that it’s too hardcore. I’m quickly becoming more and more a casual gamer, which is fine by me, as long as I’m having fun. Robotron-style shooters are some of the most hardcore games about, and this is kind of hardcore in some levels too. I just want to turn on this “Shuffle” mode, which picks the various songs/levels in a random order so I can see everything, and turn my max lives up to maximum, which I assume to be 9, just so I can enjoy the whole game with no stress. To do that, however, I have to beat the game several times and collect many, many points to unlock all this stuff. That’s… not what I want to be doing. Replaying level 2 over and over is the quickest way to get these points, and I’ve been doing that, but I just want to experience the game, not have to grind to play the game the way I want to. I wish there was some sort of code I could use to just unlock everything, but I’m not aware of any. Still, it was totally worth 9 bucks. You should look into it if you missed it on the PS3 like I did.

I guess that’s about all I have to say for now. Huzzah! Or something!

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