May 9, 2008

Review Extravaganza Friday, New Games Journalism Edition: Crossword DS

So if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I will never do a puzzle in a book or something unless I’m CRAZY BORED, but I will do sudoku and crossword puzzles and such all day long if they’re on the DS. Why is that?
Well, 1, I’ve sort of trained myself to get my entertainment that way. I’ve never filled out books of puzzles, I’ve always played video games. When I’m bored, I turn on my DS. Just having it there makes me more likely do turn to it and do it.
I think the main reason is, though, that these games tell me if I’m wrong. I’ve done some sudoku on paper, and had the whole thing ruined because I made a stupid mistake that I didn’t notice. With these games, when I make a stupid mistake, it makes a little noise and puts it in red to let me know I’m completely wrong. Yes, this makes the puzzles easier, but it also significantly reduces my frustration. I hate frustration. I have more fun when there’s no chance of being frustrated. Thus, I have more fun playing these Touch Generations puzzle games on my DS.
Also, yes, this means I bought Crossword DS. It’s really quite awesome. I mean, as far as a crossword puzzle game goes, but actually, from what I’m hearing, it leaves something to be desired for the hardcore crossword fan… people on Talking Time were saying “I do the NYT crossword puzzle all the time, and the lack of theme and lame hints just make this no fun.” Personally, the clues on the harder puzzles are exactly where I need them. Enough to stump me once and awhile, but there are always things I can figure out around the tough ones so that I’m always making progress. Plus, if I seriously get stuck, I have hints or can just guess at letters. See? Having it digitally is useful! Add this to the fact that it has a really great interface and I feel like it was worth 20 bucks. If you’re one of those people who bought your mom a DS for Brain Age or whatever, I think they would really get into a game like this… though get them Picross first. Picross is awesome. It made me sad when I saw those copies of it on clearance at Toys R Us… wanted to hug them and take them home with me…

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