April 30, 2008

Rebecca Ai will rise again

So, summer is almost here, and I’ve cleared my schedule. I’ve got nothing to do. That’s awesome, but I should be productive, right? So I’m announcing… sort of… whatever… that I’m going to get back to Role-Playing this summer. Putting it on hiatus for school was a good idea, but I have no excuse over […]

April 28, 2008

Review Extravaganza Monday: The World Ends With You

If you own a DS and you enjoy action RPGs, this game is a must buy. Seriously. I mean, sure, there are plenty of reasons why you would think it’s not worth your time. “Zippers” Nomura obviously had paws all over this game, and I know that turns off a lot of people. There’s a […]

Frustration is Building a Computer

I’m easy to frustrate, I admit. I have plenty of bottled up emotions that, when frustrated, all come out. Then I scream and curse and fume and it’s not pretty. Attempting to put together Jonathan’s computer? I did all that this weekend. It was pretty horrid. Especially when it all ended not with Jonathan having […]

April 25, 2008

How I spent my Feast of Boris and my meat

So this is a post all about how awesome and expensive my last night in KoL was, so, you know, if you don’t care, now would be the time to stop reading. So yesterday I got out of Ronin by cocktailcrafting my last three turns of it away while falling-down drunk. Because you can apparently […]

April 23, 2008

Review Extravaganza Thursday Morning: Lost Cities

There are several types of games I enjoy. Some are really engrossing and draw me in. They take me over completely. The World Ends With You, which I’m playing now and should review as well, falls into this category. Then there are pure multiplayer games, games that I only play because playing with people is […]

April 21, 2008


So I’ve been getting SHIT DONE. It all started this weekend, where I GOT SHIT DONE. Well, I wrote my two papers, and did my interview, which was just… uncharacteristic of me, getting all that work done. Then, this morning, I work up at 6:30, and pointless panic kept me from falling back asleep. So […]

April 18, 2008

A Post You Probably Shouldn’t Read

Okay, so I guess this is a Moody Day post. I’m definitely drifty and moody. But hey, Jick read my question on the radio show AND implemented my simple little idea. So huzzah. Or something. I gotta write two papers over the weekend. Wish me luck with that. I can do it, I know. It’s […]

April 15, 2008

Rapid Fire Ramblings: AAAAAAAAA!, SMT, THKoLLOL, Amazon Pricing, Twitter, Rock Band, Shadowrun Rules, AAAAAAAAAAA!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! So news on the internets from Talking Time’s inside source (who says nothing that might lose him his job, of course, but keeps us informed. He’s a great guy who helps make great games) is that there was a small reprint run of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. I was planning on buying Persona 3: […]

April 12, 2008

I’ve got all your gaming food groups in this post.

So tonight is the night of the Endless Setlist party. It’s been awhile since I played Rock Band, and it’s been awhile since I even thought of this Endless Setlist. Still, it’ll be fun, and at the end I’ll have achievements. Because I am a achievement whore. Wish me fun. Other notable things, at least […]

April 6, 2008

This blog post is an explaination to how I am doing and what I am obsessing over.

This is the week of doing work. Well, it was. Actually, I got everything done this weekend. I’m well-off. But I still need to catch up on those stupid forum posts for my lit class, and I need to put together this portfolio to graduate. Eh, I guess things are going alright. I also keep […]