April 25, 2008

How I spent my Feast of Boris and my meat

So this is a post all about how awesome and expensive my last night in KoL was, so, you know, if you don’t care, now would be the time to stop reading.

So yesterday I got out of Ronin by cocktailcrafting my last three turns of it away while falling-down drunk. Because you can apparently make more booze when you’re too drunk to stumble about and hit stuff with swords. So I set about doing things I had been meaning to do for awhile but never did. Since it was the Feast of Boris, it made it much easier to do, too! So that’s nice.
My first step was completing my set of Crimboffs. Although I’m likely to use my Naughty Fortune Teller most of the time, I can’t argue with the fact that pulling the appropriate one on day one basically gets me to level 2 for free. Also, they were still fairly affordable and wouldn’t be in the future. So I picked up a handmade hobby horse and a ball-in-a-cup to compliment the set of jacks i got for Crimbo. Huzzah for that! It was kind of expensive, though. Cost: 338,000 meat.
My next step was doing the content familiar content. These donation familiars drop items that unlock new content. They’re apparently really awesome or something, especially the Pixie, apparently. It lets you get an item called a not-a-pipe, which is crazy powerful. That doesn’t interest me, though. That seems like a boring reason to use a familiar, just to have access to zones where you do the same thing over and over again until you have 3 !pipes every day. So I just wanted to see this content and get the non-consumable rewards from each. So that’s what I did!
I started by purchasing 4 astral mushrooms, which is what the Astral Badger drops. I needed four to get the full Encephalic Ensemble outfit with two of the crossbows, in case I ever feel the urge to dual wield them. I have to admit the content was pretty neat. There’s something pretty awesome about fighting “The Urge to Stare at Your Hands” and “The Best Carpet Ever“, and I dunno, mapping out mazes always makes me feel all intelligent, even though in the end it’s just sort of trial and error, you know? In the end, though, I probably will only use the crossbows, as the other equipment isn’t TOO exciting, but those crossbows are pretty sweet. Still, it was a fun time. Cost: 8000 meat.
Next, I picked up three tiny bottles of absinthe for the Worm Wood content. These were also pretty fun, and the drops from the entertaining normal combats were also much more useful… I mean, come on… bottle of Realpagne. That’s awesome. Also, however, two of the three equips that I picked up (which was why I was doing this) are significantly more useful than the Cerebral stuff. The Fancy Ball Mask and the Can-Can Skirt are obvious equips for an early portion of a Moxie or Muscle run respectively. The Albatross Necklace is cool, but, of course, Mysticality isn’t as useful as one would hope. Anyway, the content was definitely cooler, but I can’t say I regret not getting a pixie. The actual familiar text of the thing just doesn’t thrill me, and, as I said, I wouldn’t want to run the worm wood over and over for not-a-pipes or whatever. Not how I roll. Still, since the bottles are cheap, I could perhaps run it more for some of those neat consumable drops. You never know. Cost: 1800 meat.
Finally, I still hadn’t gotten a Robogoose from Crimbo. That could not stand. So I started buying up Robotronic eggs. I had already wasted about 50 that I got from combats back in December with no luck. It took awhile now, too, but at least the prices had gone down significantly since then to a more reasonable 700 meat a pop. Still, I had to buy like a hundred or so of them before I finally got the thing… I’m thinking of trying a 100% Robogoose run after this one to recoup the cost by getting eggs to sell. Cost: approximately 70,000 meat.
Total Cost for this endeavor: 417, 800 meat. About half a mill, like I thought. But still, it was worth it. I have this virtual currency so I can do neat shit, you know? Not just to have virtual currency. Spend money to make fun. That’s the whole idea! And I did! So huzzah! Also, I suppose all of the Pepsi Points I sent to Skully for 10,000 meat a pop probably helped to fund this quite a bit.
Anyway, I wanted to ramble about that, and now I did. Back to… whatever the fuck I should be doing right now…

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