April 6, 2008

This blog post is an explaination to how I am doing and what I am obsessing over.

This is the week of doing work.
Well, it was. Actually, I got everything done this weekend. I’m well-off.
But I still need to catch up on those stupid forum posts for my lit class, and I need to put together this portfolio to graduate.
Eh, I guess things are going alright.

I also keep worrying about the price of the Libram of Candy Heart Summoning. It keeps going up, right after I decide I’m going to splurge on it and right after I can’t actually buy it for at least 6 more days. Also, the current Mr. A exchange rate keeps going down, too. Arg. But I shall stay calm, do my work this week, and not freak out. At worst, it’ll just clean out my liquid meat while not costing me extra donation-wise. I can stay calm, dammit.

Rei was crazy nice and, using some sort of crazy magical work-related hookup powers, got me the new CoD4 Variety map pack at the very affordable cost of free. I love Talking Time, and not because I get free DLC, but because I am in a community that is close-knit enough to want to GIVE each other free DLC.
Anyway, the maps are actually pretty awesome. CoD4 is a great multiplayer experience with a few friends to die with, and these maps are just really cool. I still haven’t played Killhouse, though, but it looks neat. Broadcast is an awesome objective map. Chinatown is a sneaky remake of a CoD2 map I remember that’s horrible for objective games but great in deathmatch. Creek is a sniper paradise, which means I die like… all the time. But at least it looks pretty and has a very interesting layout. Anyway, it gets my seal of approval. I do hope they make them free after awhile like Bungie does, however.

Other than all that, I guess things are going well. Whee.

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