April 30, 2008

Rebecca Ai will rise again

So, summer is almost here, and I’ve cleared my schedule. I’ve got nothing to do. That’s awesome, but I should be productive, right? So I’m announcing… sort of… whatever… that I’m going to get back to Role-Playing this summer. Putting it on hiatus for school was a good idea, but I have no excuse over the summer, and if I work everyday when I wake up for an hour, I could have a few story arcs done by the end of the summer, dammit! So I’m totally going to do that. I’m letting you know, singluar blog reader or, if I’m lucky, readers, so you can help to keep me honest. Rebecca’s story needs to be told. I still think about it and new story arcs all the damn time.
Make sure I get to work week after next or whatnot!

In other news, I beat The World Ends With You. Look below for my review, of course, but it was a damn good game. And now I’ve picked up Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Time. I’m a Pikachu teaming up with a Tododile for hawt rougelike for babies action! Exciting!

Oh, I guess I should got to my last night class EVAR. Away!

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