April 28, 2008

Frustration is Building a Computer

I’m easy to frustrate, I admit. I have plenty of bottled up emotions that, when frustrated, all come out. Then I scream and curse and fume and it’s not pretty. Attempting to put together Jonathan’s computer? I did all that this weekend. It was pretty horrid. Especially when it all ended not with Jonathan having a new computer, but with Jonathan having to send a DoA motherboard back just so I can try all this again next week. Ick. Hopefully I can survive easier next time.
Otherwise, I haven’t been doing too much, I guess. This is the last week of class, which is exciting, I suppose, though it just means I still have some homework to finish up. Not a huge deal, but I just need to do it. Should have plenty of time to do so, though, since work doesn’t want me working. Never can tell if that’s a good or a bad thing, you know?
But at least my games are going well. I’m getting close to being done with The World Ends With You, which has been excellent this whole time… I’m probably going to try to write a review when I get back from class, but you know how that works, with me saying it and it not happening. I also got my Snifftome in KoL over the weekend, which is just AMAZING. I’m going to have a lot of fun with that. Of course, I, perhaps foolishly, decided I was going to go for the Uranium Omega of Temperance this run, so I could be killing hippies for most of the week. It’s great when you’re generating two items to help with the Nuns all run, and then decide not to use them.
The one thing that’s really frustrating me, other than computer construction, though, is the fact that the World Ends With You OST is not complete, and some of my favorite songs in the game are not on there. I have no idea how to find out what these songs are or where to get ahold of a copy of them. Bleh. If you know, let me know, yeah?

Okay, I best be good and get to class. (I almost wrote “I best be god and get to class.” I wonder what that says about me.)

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