April 12, 2008

I’ve got all your gaming food groups in this post.

So tonight is the night of the Endless Setlist party. It’s been awhile since I played Rock Band, and it’s been awhile since I even thought of this Endless Setlist. Still, it’ll be fun, and at the end I’ll have achievements. Because I am a achievement whore. Wish me fun.

Other notable things, at least to me, are the fact that I got my Libram of Candy Hearts. I find with my normal MP Regen Suite for spellcasters (Chefstaff, Yak Anorak, Ghuol familiar action (this time brought about by origami “gentlemen’s” magazine) and plexiglass pocketwatch to reduce cost) combined with how ridiculous Wave of Sauce is for regaining MP and how using buffbots keeps me from a need to constantly rebuff myself, I have TONS of MP just lying around to summon candy hearts. There are times when it’s been the right choice to summon a candy heart for 150 MP just because it’s going to go to waste otherwise. It’s hardcore, and it means I have all these hearts to send to people at random via candygrams in /c haiku. And I really enjoy doing this hearty shit. It’s a lot of fun. So basically, my investment has paid off in my eyes thus far… not to mention I’ve been actually using White Candy Hearts quite a bit to up my stat gains a little, (I’m getting more concerned about maxing my stat gains, actually… getting to be more of a powerplayer I guess, between that and the naughty fortune teller) so that’s an additional benefit I’m definitely reaping.
Things I still need to do in KoL: Do another *shudder* Hardcore run for Pastamastery and a stainless steel solitaire. (No path this time, for fuck’s sake!) Do a run to test out the awesomeness of the origami riding crop. Do a 100% Yuletide Troll run.
I think the plan is to do a 100% Yuletide Seal Clubber run next, and perm something awesome, like Hide of the Walrus, then try a no path Hardcore run with a Pastamancer. (note I’ve never done a no-path Hardcore run. Maybe they’re not as bad.) But I suppose all this depends on what happens with next month’s IoTM and shit.

Gods, I ramble on and on, huh?

The other thing I’ve been trying to do is… well, Brer wanted to start an online Shadowrun campaign, and so I said I’d join him… but he… and the game… and…
Apparently everything I don’t care about in real life is all things that matter all crazy whatever in this game. This combined with how I play around and whatever in general, which happened while making my character, just frustrated Brer crazily… which makes me feel like an ass… but also, it means as I try to read this… what… 5 to 6 sourcebooks that he claims I need to know? I’ve been trying to read the background of the city we’re in, and my eyes just glaze over, and I skim for names and that’s about it, and Brer is like “Oh, you gotta read the comments! That’s where all the interesting stuff is!” and I haven’t read a single one. I am missing the point, I guess. I don’t know. If I “read” this sourcebook, will I have gotten anything he wanted me to get out of it? Probably not. But I mean, when I’m reading and going “if I’m going to be forcing myself to read something, why aren’t I doing lit homework?” something is going wrong, you know?
Basically, I don’t want to give up because I don’t want to let him down, but at the same time if I don’t I’m not sure either of us are going to get what we want out of it? Basically, it’s just a weird awkward situation all around.

I guess at the end of the month I have several new games to buy. The World Ends With You (22nd), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 :Explorers of Time… (20th) yeah, some games to get. Oh man, and I guess FES comes out on the 22nd too. Man. Man. I guess I should start actually saving money for that. That’s an expensive week. Maybe I should order two on Amazon and buy one day 1.
Oh woah, I just went to the offical website to link it up there for The World Ends With You… they’ve redone the music. Intense. Still good, though. I’m also glad that the game finally got Parish’s approval.
In the process of writing this paragraph, I realize I should just hold off on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, as I would have no problem buying a copy of Blue Rescue Team right now, so I’m sure I could buy Explorers of Time during the inevitable summer lull.

Console games… portable games… browser games… tabletop games… yeah. I think all of your gaming food groups in this, to some extent.

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