April 15, 2008

Rapid Fire Ramblings: AAAAAAAAA!, SMT, THKoLLOL, Amazon Pricing, Twitter, Rock Band, Shadowrun Rules, AAAAAAAAAAA!


So news on the internets from Talking Time’s inside source (who says nothing that might lose him his job, of course, but keeps us informed. He’s a great guy who helps make great games) is that there was a small reprint run of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. I was planning on buying Persona 3: FES next week, because, I dunno, I love the game so much I’d buy a second copy for end-game content I’ll never get to. That was the plan, anyway, but armed with this new information and the knowledge that, as I just said, I am almost positive I won’t get my money’s worth out of FES since I never beat Persona 3, I went with Nocturne. Ordered it from the internets. Should be here in a few weeks. Hope I enjoy it. It’s apparently harder than Persona 3. Hopefully the music will be awesome, too, though I’d bet it’s of a different style than Persona 3.

Okay, okay, I promise I’ll keep this quick. Browser RPG Update: I’ve got 4 Silver Stars from farming so far, and now I’m thinking about saving my farming stars for an empty picture frame. Thoughts? I also ascended in what was my fastest Normal Nonpath KoL run yet by several days. Here’s the rundown. Amazing what wanting to go fast to splurge on an item will do, eh? Of course, with most people making standard 3-4 day runs in speedrunning, I’m still way behind. That said, early thoughts about this early run: Everyone was right about the Origami Riding Crop being mediocre gameplaywise. It was great that first day, and the attack messages are awesome, but I bet tomorrow or Thursday I’m going to have better things to equip, and it’ll probably get folded back into a fortune teller to use while lucre farming. The Yuletide troll is doing fine, and I can see me defaulting to him quite often, just to have the sheet music to throw at people at random. I love doing that shit.
There, okay? Done with Browser RPG stuff. Man, I need to catch my attention elsewhere, it’s getting to be a bad addiction.

$24.99 is the cruelest Amazon.com price point, and that’s what the Sam and Max animated series box set is priced at. Dammit. The annoying thing is that if I had just realized I was going to buy it like a day earlier, I could have bought it with Jonathan when he ordered more Star Trek. Oh well, maybe he’ll order even MORE Star Trek in the future. Or I’ll think of something else to order from there. Maybe Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 or something.

I haven’t been twittering much these past few days. I’ve been so distracted. I’ve still enjoyed watching the twitter feed on my desktop, though. I suppose that’s alright. But I dunno, it’s weird. I’m so pro-twitter.

Oh, in case you were on the edge of your seats, yes, we completed the Endless Setlist.

The Shadowrun stuff… continues. I don’t know, it’s so weird. I don’t understand me. It’s like… I can sit down for a game I’m interested in and absorb rules from here to tomorrow and love it. When it comes to this game, though, I can’t read them, and I really think a lot of it is kinda pointlessly complex for the sake of complex. I can’t put it together into a big picture. Yet, at the same time, we did this little mock fight to try to teach me, and I was correcting him about the rules and generally getting what I was doing. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens with that.


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