November 30, 2011

Cutting-Edge Toothpaste Journalism

I know why you come here. You come here for the cold hard facts. You want to know what’s really up in the world of toothpaste. I’ve got you covered. Freed from my mother’s house and the toothpaste she would often purchase for me and place in my bathroom like an extremely nice parent, I […]

November 29, 2011

Explore Here, Please. I’ll Pay You.

Okay, let’s reach back on the ol’ list of blog ideas that I haven’t gotten around to writing yet. Oh, okay, here’s an old one. Majesty. Majesty is a series that one Matthew Essner really enjoys. I knew that, but I didn’t know much about it until I watched a quick look of the new […]

November 28, 2011

The Spoils of Strapping It On.

Today is the last day to use the milk in my refrigerator. Today is also the day where I talk Saints Row The Third spoilers. Remember when I said that yesterday? I didn’t lie. If you want to play this game, and you damn well fucking SHOULD, you should not spoil yourself on it. So […]

November 27, 2011

The Joy of Strapping It On.

I’m just going to talk about Saints Row: The Third, okay? Today? No spoilers. Tomorrow: spoilers, probably. I mean, we’ll see. I haven’t written it yet. Maybe I’ll have less to say than I think I will. But I also think that is unlikely. Before Saints Row: The Third, I had only really clicked with […]

November 26, 2011

Retail Is A Good Excuse Not To Write A Blog, Right?

I just survived a retail Black Friday, and you expect me to write a blog? No no no no no, here, have some links instead. I’ll be back tomorrow. Okay, let’s get the pony links out of the way. I find this funny. I’ve also been using this because Power has been stuck in my […]

November 25, 2011

Onward to the Land of the Hinters.

This evening, I got a chance to play with Hinterlands, the new Dominion expansion. There are a lot of those now! And my brother’s father-in-law loves the crap out of them. He brought the new set to Thanksgiving, so of course we had to throw down a little. It had been a long time since […]

November 24, 2011

Obligatory Giving of Thanks Post

Wow. I don’t know what to say! Such an honor. Um, goodness, thank you all. There are just a few people and nonspecific entities I’d like to thank… let me get my notes out here… I’d like to thank my parents for their part in helping me to move into this fantastic house. They’ve done […]

November 23, 2011

Poetry Scribble: Probably About Saints Row Poetry!

Okay, so I know I said poetry was on Thursdays but I wanted to write an Obligatory Thanksgiving Post as I tend to in order to thank people for shit. So, you know, you get a poem today. Here you go! The Finest Things Look out of the car window at the blur of the […]

November 22, 2011

Your Source For Popsicle Reviews, News, and Previews.

At some point, I started buying popsicles as a cost-effective but probably still bad for me alternative to buying a ton of candy. They were cheaper! I couldn’t just buy them and eat them immediately to keep me from going too overboard! They were tasty! Something like that! My go-to were Lemonade Bomb Pops, which […]

November 21, 2011

I Used A Kinect.

My mother bought an Xbox. She wanted to play trivia with my dad, okay? So she bought an Xbox. That happened. I am going to do what I can to help her do just that. Because I am a good daughter! Even if she still wouldn’t call me that. But that Xbox came with a […]