November 26, 2011

Retail Is A Good Excuse Not To Write A Blog, Right?

I just survived a retail Black Friday, and you expect me to write a blog? No no no no no, here, have some links instead. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Okay, let’s get the pony links out of the way. I find this funny. I’ve also been using this because Power has been stuck in my head. Thanks Saints Row! Finally, here’s an animated gif. There. Survived that.

Oh, speaking of Saints Row, someone made Chie in their character creator, which is awesome.

Deptford often creates pieces of sheer genius.

This is one of the best combo videos I’ve seen. Pretty neat!


TNG Season 8 is a great twitter account. Here’s one of their recent ones that made he grin.

Important work is being done in Battlefield 3.

Shepard. Wrex.

And finally, here’s something to fuel your nightmares.

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