December 29, 2010

Here Are Some 2010 Game Notable Mentions

Here’s some of the games I had to painfully prune to get my list down to 10. There aren’t in any order, but they are fantastic games.

League of Legends: Cut because it technically launched last year, I didn’t really get into it until this one. This is pretty well the best DotA game I’ve played. It’s tons of fun, has lots of fun characters, and is very accessible as a free to play game. The system of Champion rotation is really smart. Anyone can play this and have a good time, whether they want to spend money or not.

Cut the Rope: Probably the second best iOS game this year, Cut the Rope is really mainstream, but for a reason. It’s a ton of fun, and filled to the brim with puzzles that use the touchscreen to its greatest advantage. Plus, with them adding free sets of puzzles with the Cosmic Box and Holiday Gift, they’re making you continue to come back again and again. A fantastic game.

Super Mega Worm: Speaking of iOS games, Mega Worm is incredible. I never thought I would enjoy a “pure” arcade experience like Super Mega Worm, but they do such smart things with presentation and the leveling system that I just kept wanting to play more. It’s a fantastic game to play for a few minutes while waiting, and the screams of the people as they die never stops being hilarious.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero: Compressing the “start all over with all your stats” mechanic of Dead Rising into a short, 1-2 hour game creates something downright magical. I haven’t played DR2 yet, but I feel pretty safe in saying that Case Zero is a much more fun experience. For $5, this is an amazing value, and I really enjoyed playing through it.

Monday Night Combat: Snoopy beat this because Snoopy was such a shock, but that doesn’t make Monday Night Combat any less of a fantastic multiplayer experience. Combining DotA with Team Fortress 2 was a genius decision, and they really make it work. Plus, you get an added “defense” mode for good measure. It’s a shame the tutorial doesn’t show you Crossfire mode, as I bet that turned some people off to the game. Still, it’s worth your time, and is about to come out on PC as well.

Well, enough looking back at 2010. Let’s look to the future. Or, I guess, to whatever bullshit I write about tomorrow. Yep.

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