June 30, 2010

Stop acting as if you have magical powers!

Let’s Play Alert, everyone. If you need something to watch, you should watch this. It’s a Let’s Play of The You Testament. It’s hard to even describe this thing. Some incredible, full of himself ass decided to make a Bible game, but it’s horrible, and freakish, and Jesus talks about Chakras and is randomized in […]

June 29, 2010

Knee-Deep In This Puzzle Shit: The Penal Zone

Telltale has really come a long way. They’ve really made episodic gaming work, and they’ve done it in a vastly entertaining way. Now they’ve come back to Sam and Max, and the result is astounding. Sam and Max Season 3: The Devil’s Playhouse looks fantastic, and plays better than ever before. You can tell they […]

June 28, 2010

Motorcycles ruin your fantasy game.

Normally, I review all the IoTMs every month. I do this because, I dunno, I’m thinking about them, and it takes up a day, and whatever, it’s fun. However, in KoL, I have, recently, always been in a Hardcore Oxy 100% Familiar run when they come out. Therefore, I don’t often get to try them […]

June 27, 2010

Not so much a review as a bunch of links to Yatterman clips.

Let’s just open this review with… this. Feel free to soak that in for a little while first. Or maybe this one. Or definitely this one. Yeah. Just think about that. I really like Marvel Vs Capcom 2. I mean, like, really like. So when people were calling Tatsunoko vs Capcom the new Marvel Vs […]

June 26, 2010

Hey, I have a Totoro doll just like that!

I went into Toy Story 3 being told that I would cry, and, honestly, it didn’t disappoint in that regard. In some ways, it almost feels like “cheap” tears, though. The movie does this by pulling on YOUR nostalgia, not really any respect or love of the characters in the book. It makes you recall […]

June 25, 2010

A wide variety of barrels to choose from.

I hear work is being done on Retcon for Twilight Heroes. This is top of exciting! It really is. I can’t wait to play through the game a few times like that. It’ll be fantastic. However, we’re still in a pre-retcon environment at the moment, and that means that IoTMs like the n-barreled shotgun are […]

June 24, 2010

And nothing tends to work out.

I got some pretty bad news the other day. It seems that all mental heath issues are all one illness, even when they aren’t. This is fantastic news. It basically means I’m totally screwed. My insurance won’t continue to pay for my therapy, and I can’t really afford to go every week without it. I’ve […]

June 23, 2010

Now With Way More Water

I really, really enjoyed what people call PoP 08. It was a great, casual experience, and was a really good time. When I heard, for the next Prince of Persia, they were going back to the old storyline and old ways, I was a bit worried. I never played those games, and I wanted to […]

June 22, 2010

Golf Gambit Successful

Mom and Dad had all these plans for Father’s day. They had all kinds of stuff they were supposed to do that Dad would like. It was going to be great, and I was probably going to be home, rewarming food for most of the day. I was okay with this. Then those plans fell […]

June 21, 2010

There must be teleport dampeners in the Cargo Hold and Boiler Room…

Hey. Here’s a Let’s Play. I got pointed to this dude from Spoony, since he loaned Spoony some video footage, but the guy is pretty funny in and of himself. I’m very much in the middle of enjoying his playthrough of Titantic: Adventure out of Time, a game I had heard a lot about, but […]