June 27, 2010

Not so much a review as a bunch of links to Yatterman clips.

Let’s just open this review with… this. Feel free to soak that in for a little while first. Or maybe this one. Or definitely this one.

Yeah. Just think about that.

I really like Marvel Vs Capcom 2. I mean, like, really like. So when people were calling Tatsunoko vs Capcom the new Marvel Vs Capcom, I really wanted to play it! After having renting it and playing it, though, I’m a bit less impressed. It’s a fun afternoon and a fun rental, but I just can’t see anyone really getting into this game in a serious way. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I feel.

But at the same time, it has Yatterman. I’ve just been watching Yatterman clips for like… 20 minutes now. I have no idea what I’m watching, but they make for great characters in the game. Doronjo and Yatterman-1 were pretty well my favorites when I was playing. Especially Yatterman-1. He had a moveset I was clicking with. But they were both so silly, it was wonderful.

Still, the game reduces the entire fighting game thing into four buttons: Light, Medium, Strong, and Assist. At the same time, it still plays like Street Fighter. So it feels really awkward when you pick it up. It feels like, especially when you pick characters one should know like Ryu or Morgan, that you can’t do the combos you’re used to. They’re just off. It’s obvious why they did this, of course. There simply aren’t enough buttons on the normal Wii controller, and they also want it to be accessible. It just makes the game feel very different. Add to that the very large number of supers and how easy it is to hit with a lot of them and it really makes the game more of a fun, button-mashy kind of game that gets a little deeper if you can throw a fireball, and less of a tournament sort of game. At the same time, being able to throw that fireball or do an uppercut gives you such a huge advantage that it isn’t fun just to button mash against that. I destroyed Cole and Cara, just because I had that information. It was kind of depressing, because I just wanted to fuck around and have fun with the game. But since I know how to do it, I can’t really stop myself very easily, and it was kind of unfair.

Basically, Tatsunoko is in this really weird middle ground between accessible and hardcore. Add to that the fact that nobody in America has any chance of knowing what a Tatsunoko is without being hardcore, and you have an extremely strange little game. It’s fun enough. The fun is there! But it just isn’t something I think many people would like, and I certainly don’t need a copy of it.

But, you know. Yatterman. I don’t even know.

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