June 22, 2010

Golf Gambit Successful

Mom and Dad had all these plans for Father’s day. They had all kinds of stuff they were supposed to do that Dad would like. It was going to be great, and I was probably going to be home, rewarming food for most of the day. I was okay with this.

Then those plans fell through, and Mom was like, “Think of something for us to do.”

My mind, of course, went to the tons of board games I’d like to play with them. Maybe something there? But then it hit me. This is Father’s Day. I’ve got to put an angle on it that he’d enjoy. Then I felt the inspiration, and I went out, spent too much money, and returned with a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for the Wii, and a Motion Plus. (And Wii Sports Resort which had the Motion Plus with it.) I figured with the Motion Plus, it would feel good, like real Golf, and that Dad would enjoy playing as some of his favorite golfers and looking at all the courses. It even had this thing called “TrueView,” where it didn’t show a character on screen or anything like a game. Everything was shown as if you were standing on the course. Surely he’d like that?

And he totally did. We played that for several hours, and then we put in Wii Sports Resort and played that for several hours more. Jonathan, Mom, and Dad all played, and it was, honestly, a pretty good time. I was having fun. Dad seemed like he was having fun.

But the real confirmation came later, while I was at work. Mom texted me telling me I did a great job, and that Dad was bragging about playing the game to Grandma and Grandpa. That made me feel amazing. It really did.

It’s so damn awesome when my interests and my parents can overlap so well. I love it.

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