January 4, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Linkpost After Staying Up All Night Writing A Not-A-Blog. It’s True.

Finally, I get all done with writing all my prep for my Mafia game and now I can…
Blog. Right.
I mean, I am on vacation, after all.

I did a lot of pony research while doing all my writing, so let me share some of that with you. Like this awesome picture. Or maybe some of the silly music that I listened to while writing? Or maybe you’d rather like just general funny videos. I mean, I dunno. I don’t know what kind of ponies you’re into. Maybe you only like ponies when they’re compared to classic RPG series? I’m not one to judge.

Here’s a nifty installation art exhibit that I approve of.

Consequences are unfortunate when someone has evidence against you.

This little girl knows what it’s all about. You rock, little girl.

Anyway, SORRY I didn’t have more for you tonight. I’m truly SORRY I couldn’t write something better.

No, seriously, I am. I’m going to sleep now. I’ll see you tomorrow.

December 26, 2011

Obligatory Boxing Day Linkdump

Okay, well, maybe it’s not ACTUALLY obligatory, but that’s what you’re getting anyway! So, uh, sorry about that. LINKS GO!

I found a new tumblr to follow! It’s about ponies! Again! Please pretend to be surprised, okay? Oh, and I guess I have these pony pictures to dump on you too, while I’m at it.

There are also secret plans to be revealed.

Here’s some important data.

I hope you remembered your Wassail yesterday!

Pokemon are cool.

Oh, right, here’s an important quiz that I hope you all can manage to pass! Maybe!

Here’s a reason why I need to get around to playing Skyrim sometime.

And finally, you know… that’s a picture.

Have a Merry Boxing Day, everyone!

December 12, 2011

Don’t mind me, just unloading a few links…

I am completely failing to write anything coherent right now, so, you know… I’m just going to throw up some links and call it a day. Sorry! Blame spending all day writing on Christmas-related creative projects. Or just me, for being lazy. Either way.

This is the first part of a Let’s Play you should most definitely watch if you’ve ever enjoyed Link’s Awakening.

This is a thread you absolutely must read about dating pigeons.

And this is a trailer for a game I am really looking forward to playing.

I also have some images for you. For example, this is an animated gif. So is this. This is not animated, and not a gif, but is still an image. This will also count as an image, as I’m sure you’re aware.

And now, the bedding begins. The dog has been wanting me to go lay down for awhile anyway. Guess I should get to that. Later, blog.

November 26, 2011

Retail Is A Good Excuse Not To Write A Blog, Right?

I just survived a retail Black Friday, and you expect me to write a blog? No no no no no, here, have some links instead. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Okay, let’s get the pony links out of the way. I find this funny. I’ve also been using this because Power has been stuck in my head. Thanks Saints Row! Finally, here’s an animated gif. There. Survived that.

Oh, speaking of Saints Row, someone made Chie in their character creator, which is awesome.

Deptford often creates pieces of sheer genius.

This is one of the best combo videos I’ve seen. Pretty neat!


TNG Season 8 is a great twitter account. Here’s one of their recent ones that made he grin.

Important work is being done in Battlefield 3.

Shepard. Wrex.

And finally, here’s something to fuel your nightmares.

November 15, 2011

A Suspicious Lack of Content

I went on and on about how I wanted to write a normal blog and then the next day I wrote a LINKBLOG! SICK BURN! I am just burning you up ALL OVER! Linking go!

Let’s start with Pony Corner!
Have I mentioned I am still excited for Fighting is Magic? So, so excited.
The explanation for this pony picture just makes me laugh. Also the picture itself.
I stumbled upon a pony Vriska so, you know, look at it.
Pony Animated Gif One!
Pony Animated Gif Two!
And finally, this picture is just badass. It’s a shame it’s orientation makes it unsuitable as a desktop background.

Now, on to another corner! This corner has videos! Well, non-pony videos, anyway.
They finally revealed how Skyrim Co-op works.
A twist on a classic scene that makes me giggle.
An impressive display of pointless skill. Ocelot would be proud.

Finally, let’s go over to random image corner, and look at some random images.
This is actually a twitter post. Sorry to mislead you.
Warning: this animated gif may be smile-inducing.
I still find this one so stupid it’s funny.
In case you were wondering, Three Word Phrase is still amazing.

And finally, the last corner. It’s the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Official Movie Website corner. Because that website is here. The trailer is amazing. I cannot wait. Seriously.

Wow, I really had a ton of open tabs! My browsers can breathe easier now, without all those links around. See you tomorrow!

November 3, 2011

Hi! I’m Sick!

As the title says, I’m sick! I’m not totally sure with what yet, but the general dizziness and shortness of breath I have been experiencing would lead me to believe that I have bronchitis again, as I had similar symptoms last time. I am going to take another day of rest (and seeing John Hodgman) to make sure before I go to the doctor though. Don’t worry, I will take care of myself.

Anyway, the point is, I didn’t really have time to write a serious blog, and I need to get more sleep, so here’s some links. I know I’ve been lame here lately… I’m going to try to kick it up a notch soon.

Speaking of lame (that’s called a segue!), how about that Mike Dawson? Is he not the best video game hero you’ve ever seen? I’ve been enjoying Retsupurae dealing with his adventures, and other people have too, creating amazing fan works. For example, did you know that Mike Dawson has been seen in Champions Online? Or that he knows how to deal with just about any situation? He also has his own game, and suspicious links to Ring Man! Yep, everyone loves Mike Dawson!

I still really like Penguindrum. The new theme song is pretty great!

I really didn’t want to be, but I am kind of super hyped for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Phoenix Wright! Rocket Raccoon! How can someone pass this up? I am weak.

Someone linked me this on twitter. It’s pretty funny! Quite a restaurant review.

There are always more pony ask blogs, and always more funny responses on them.

I’m going to sleep! Later!

October 28, 2011

I’m Linking It.

I ate a bag of garlic croutons. As a snack. That’s how I roll, motherfucker.
Know how else I roll? Sometimes, I’m like “I really have absolutely no idea what to write about today LINKS MOTHERFUCKER!”
And then there’s links.

Watch this shit. WA-CHAAAAA!

Looking for cool content to watch on my Roku, I have started watching NSFW, which is actually a pretty silly and funny little show. Maybe you would like to watch it?

Okay, here’s your pony links of the moment. Some animated gifs of complete awesome. And here’s a funny comic. Everyone likes funny comics, right? Now let’s get out of the pony zone.

Important quiz question I had linked to me. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?!

I’m going to see John Hodgman next week! He put out a trailer for his book! I am excite!

Finally, here’s an important PSA that you shouldn’t miss. Public Service. Being announced. Yeah.

Those are links. Be linked. And now be free.

October 18, 2011

Moving Day Linkdump and Minor Ramble!

I’m moving! I won’t have internet to write a bloeg tonight, but I don’t want to disappoint you. Therefore, have some links, fresh from the link factory.

Important pornography-related work is being done. The site is safe for work. Read. Learn.

A great game to practice editing skills. I should really send this to Susan.

They recorded video of the live DnD game at the last PAX! I still haven’t gotten to watch it, though. I’m sure it’s entertaining. Do wish there would be another podcast, however.

Anyway, there you go. Entertain yourself. I’m really kind of getting super stressed out about this move! But I’m just going to do it today, and move on. That’ll help. Accomplishing shit always helps that sort of thing, you know? I mean, I certainly hope so. Also, I’m off all day tomorrow, so I can really get things situated right if I’m over there. That will also help.

I… guess I best go shut this computer down and get moving! Bye, everyone! See you at the new place!

October 11, 2011

Links and Depression: A Winning Combination

It’s times like these when you have to look at the good things in life. Like links on the internet.

Today was pretty shit. I had to take action about a lot of things and stand up for myself. I don’t like that. I like being positive. But when people are being assholes to me, what are you supposed to do? Sometimes you just have to call a restaurant you were at and tell the manager about the awful experience you had of people making fun of you within earshot just so you can not let it ruin your whole fucking day, you know?

Anyway, links, motherfucker, do you have them? I have them. Well, some.

Been grading to the Napple Tale soundtrack recently. Damn, that’s just so good! Here’s a new favorite track from it. Just so excellent.

Great cosplay picture? Or the greatest cosplay picture? You decide.

Someone is really serious about the writing in Oblivion. I found this pretty impressive.

Here’s a nice interview about Poison. I personally would like it if they just embraced Poison as transsexual, of course, but at least it looks like they’re making sure they treat her with respect, even if they’re keeping her in a vague space. Also, she looks fun to play.

I should probably write more, something fun, but I’m not going to. I’m sorry. Today is all out of whack… sorry. I just don’t know how to deal with this. How did these completely assholes decide to come out of the woodwork all in the span of two days? It makes me feel a bit paranoid. I mean, people can think what they want about me. That’s fine. I think many things about many people. But I don’t understand why you shove that in someone’s face. Why do you make a big deal out of it? Why is it a problem, especially when you’re working and it’s a simple transaction.
I don’t even know what I’m saying. Sorry.

October 1, 2011

Make Sure You Don’t Hurt Nobody.

LINKS! Goddamn I have a lot of links. Also, Chrome wants to restart for updates. So I bet be free of these links. LET’S LINKING!

On The Stick is starting a new October of articles this month! I have one coming later in the month! Yay! But you can read what they’re doing right now if you want. It’s sure to be good stuff!

I thought this was a pretty funny little video. It’s got, you know, jokes.

It’s Adventure Time, come on, grab your friends.

Two Memes, One Mashup.

Bask in horror upon the women of the future! What a strange place the future will be.

Why do I find this so funny? Because it’s hilarious. That’s probably why.

The quietest dinner ever.


Finally, here’s some good advice from the Onion.