October 28, 2011

I’m Linking It.

I ate a bag of garlic croutons. As a snack. That’s how I roll, motherfucker.
Know how else I roll? Sometimes, I’m like “I really have absolutely no idea what to write about today LINKS MOTHERFUCKER!”
And then there’s links.

Watch this shit. WA-CHAAAAA!

Looking for cool content to watch on my Roku, I have started watching NSFW, which is actually a pretty silly and funny little show. Maybe you would like to watch it?

Okay, here’s your pony links of the moment. Some animated gifs of complete awesome. And here’s a funny comic. Everyone likes funny comics, right? Now let’s get out of the pony zone.

Important quiz question I had linked to me. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?!

I’m going to see John Hodgman next week! He put out a trailer for his book! I am excite!

Finally, here’s an important PSA that you shouldn’t miss. Public Service. Being announced. Yeah.

Those are links. Be linked. And now be free.

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