October 1, 2011

Make Sure You Don’t Hurt Nobody.

LINKS! Goddamn I have a lot of links. Also, Chrome wants to restart for updates. So I bet be free of these links. LET’S LINKING!

On The Stick is starting a new October of articles this month! I have one coming later in the month! Yay! But you can read what they’re doing right now if you want. It’s sure to be good stuff!

I thought this was a pretty funny little video. It’s got, you know, jokes.

It’s Adventure Time, come on, grab your friends.

Two Memes, One Mashup.

Bask in horror upon the women of the future! What a strange place the future will be.

Why do I find this so funny? Because it’s hilarious. That’s probably why.

The quietest dinner ever.


Finally, here’s some good advice from the Onion.

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