October 25, 2009

Important Facts You Should Be Made Aware of.

Fact 1: I have a PS3 now. My PSN account is, shockingly, poetfox. I don’t have any games to speak of where that information would be useful yet, though I’ve added a bunch to my Gamefly. So yay for that.

Fact 2: This comic is awesome.

Fact 3: Jade Harley is now my favorite forever and ever. New developments have occurred since I wrote this. So. Awesome.

Fact 4: Workload is low next week, so I can relax somewhat. SCORE!

Fact 5: Fact! Five! Five Facts!

Fact 6: I’m running a Halloween Call of Cthulhu game next week. Excitement, let me tell you. Ex.Cite.Ment.

This is the end of facts you should be made aware of.

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