October 21, 2009

As a fellow fan of Fauna of an Anthropomorphological Persuasion, I approve.

This page of Homestuck has made me very happy, honestly.


I dunno. I mean, all of everyone’s interests has only had a sort of passing, thematic significance to the story thus far. Maybe it’ll tie in more? Maybe it won’t? But I guess the point is that the fact that Jade likes furry stuff is just a thing. It’s just something in a list. It’s not anything to laugh at, perse. It’s not anything to make her less of a character and a person. It’s perhaps a bit silly, but come on, furry stuff is a bit silly. But it’s just a thing. A part of her, but not all of her.

That’s awesome.

I mean, not that I’m some fursecution type or whatever, but it’s still nice to see such things portrayed in a manner that isn’t just to make the author feel better by “Well, at least I’m not one of THOSE” means. Everybody has stupid interests. Everyone does weird things. Granted, some people do weirder things than others, but it’s so pointless to judge. If it’s not ruining your fun, who cares? I know Mr. Hussie won’t make stupid jokes like that. I know he cares about his characters more than that. And that’s neat. (Then again, he was also the person who drew Humanimals, so…)

So yeah, I’m kind of happy about a stupid thing. Gotta take the little stupid happy things when you can get them, yes?

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