February 23, 2012

Technically They’re Just Making A Movie… But Whatever!

I think we can all agree that Genkibowl was a bad situation. It was not very good, and it left a lot of doubt as to if the money plunked down on a Saints Row: The Third season pass was going to go to waste or not. Were they all going to be as rushed out the door? Were they all going to cut huge corners in regards to dialog? Doubt crept in. Could they sour the super best most awesome game after the fact by selling me this thing and fucking me over on it?

I’m here to say that what I hoped was the case with Genkibowl seems to be true. It was the quick DLC they could get out the door fast so they could work on more substantial things. While Gangstas in Space is not much longer than Genkibowl to play all the way through, oh holy fuck is it better. These are missions that feel completely like they could have been in the game. They are missions up to the quality of the main game’s story missions. They’re funny, and they’re fun. What more do you want?

The moment the DLC started, I was worried. I called up the mission, and once again, the Boss didn’t talk to the mission-giver at all. A bad sign? But the moment the first mission started, and she opened her mouth and talked? I was so relieved and instantly pumped. It was good to be back. The dialog in the episode is pretty good! I mean, there’s probably better in the main game, but it is completely up to par, and I was so glad just to hear the Boss reacting to shit.

Sure, you can see where they made decisions to make this cheaper too. Two of the three missions in the DLC just take place in Steelport proper, as opposed to some alien planet or crazy movie set. That doesn’t make them any less fun, though, and the mission that takes place on the sound stage looks cool, and has tons of Easter eggs.

If there was problems with this DLC, it’s probably the length vs cost and the achievements. If you just flat-out buy this DLC, it’s like 7 bucks? And I beat this in like 90 minutes. That’s… pretty expensive, even if it’s fun. For just a few more bucks, you could probably buy a really fantastic XBLA game like Bastion or something for hours and hours of fun. It’s a hard sell that way. It also has very specific achievements to get, if you want to get them all. Since you can’t replay missions in Saints Row: The Third, if you forget to make saves in between them (and they’re fairly long missions too) you’ll never have another chance to try for them. That doesn’t bother me so much? But if you’re someone that would bother, keep that in mind.

Anyway, I’m glad Saints Row came back in a fun way. Bring on more DLC! Make it good like this one!

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