December 24, 2011

Post-Christmas Write-Up

It’s Christmas Eve, but I guess Christmas already happened for me? It happened Thursday. And I guess it’s going to happen again next Thursday? I dunno. Because of Jonathan and Shauna leaving town things have gotten different this year.

I mean, it was just on a different day. It wasn’t that different otherwise. My mother wanted to take a million pictures, but was also not very good at taking pictures and was never happy with them and wanted them posed but also spontaneous, so I tried to take over as usual to get her something she’d like. There were lots of dogs running around. We had a nice dinner and opened presents in the traditional manner. You know. Christmas stuff.

I was worried the whole me being me thing was going to be a big deal. It didn’t go as well as I had planned, but I could at least tell my mother tried, which at least seemed an apology for the many times she called me by my old name during the same celebration. I mean, she had Alexis written on all the gifts and everything, which is a decision I’m sure she had a hard time coming to, knowing her. She also bought me a very nice pair of female PJs, which is awesome, as I have seen the light on PJs recently and I will wear the crap out of them.

All the gift giving went well, I think. I seemed to give good stuff, which is, well, good. I always worry. I also got plenty of nice stuff. New Kirby and New Layton and New Dominion Expansion… Well, and a Boxee Box, but I already discussed how well that went and I will be dealing with that soon.

What really made me laugh and smile, though, was the other gift Jonathan and Shauna gave me. They got me this sweet My Little Pony throw. When I opened that I just laughed out loud. How silly and how perfect! Jonathan was like “That’s your favorite one on there, right?” and I’m like “Yeah, that’s Twilight Sparkle on there.” It only occurred to me later how much that question meant, really. I later tried to think of when I’d actually had a conversation about that with my brother. I had made off-hand references to stuff like John DeLancie being in the show and whatnot because I thought he’d find them vaguely interesting, but we never really talked about it seriously. However, I remember when we were shopping for my mother’s birthday present, way back in October, I saw the My Little Pony in Canterlot display in his store and mentioned something about seeing a similar display up in St. Louis. There was this frightening-looking Twilight Sparkle plushie, and I commented, more to myself than anything, that if that wasn’t so terrifying, I’d buy it, because she’s my favorite. I cannot remember talking about liking Twilight Sparkle around him any other time. Somehow he remembered that this long. That’s a brother who cares about his sister enough to know about her incredibly pointlessly obsessions that are probably just an attempt to have all the girly things she couldn’t have in her youth. Heh, I dunno. Recalling that just made it mean all the more to me.

Anyway, I guess that was Christmas! Of course, actual Christmas will be tomorrow, but I’m probably just going to go over to the parents’ and have dinner and go watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with them. Not that that will be bad. But it’ll be different. Difference! Lots of difference in this year.

Merry Christmas, and I changed my favourite Pony to Pinkie Pie :p

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