December 23, 2011

Great Moments In Amazing Bullshit: Boxee Edition


I would like to thank Boxee for ruining Christmas with their amazing bullshit.

So I get this thing. It’s supposed to do all kinds of nice stuff like stream video and whatnot. I hook it up. It won’t connect to my wifi. I double check my password, etc. Won’t connect. This seems really weird, because the Boxee Box is a D-link product, and I am using a D-link router with basically default settings. But whatever, I go on their website to troubleshoot. I check all their settings, and I change stuff, and change it again, and change it again.
It won’t connect.
I change more stuff, and more stuff.
It won’t connect.

I eventually give up, decide my PS3 doesn’t need internet, and plug in ethernet. I finally get into a menu. I go to play a video from my computer.
I set up some stupid media sharing software from Boxee. I go to play a video from my computer.
It crashes.
I reboot and try again.
It crashes.
I reboot and try a different video.
It crashes.

I try to use a different method to get to my videos. I use a totally different menu.
It asks me for a username and password.
I have no idea what it could be asking for, it’s my files, but I type in every combination I could think of that I would use.

I have been fighting with this thing for 4 hours now. Fuck it. Thanks for ruining Christmas. I hope I can manage to return it without issue and without upsetting my mother, who had to figure out the internet and try very hard to get this for me. I feel terrible making her go to all that effort just to return it, but it would be worse to be stuck with this expensive piece of garbage.

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