August 8, 2011

What May Be The Stupidest Dream I Ever Had

You know what’s super interesting? OTHER PEOPLE’S DREAMS!
Yeah, sorry, but this dream was kind of vivid and fucked up, so I will share it. Get out your dream interpretation textbooks and tell me how weird I am.

The first moment I can remember was that there was this tournament. It was something multidimensional. It was taking place on earth, but creatures from all over were involved. The night before, the tournament had happened, and something crazy had happened, but I had woken up the next day with complete amnesia about the events. All I remembered was that we’d done something great, I was on a team consisting of me, my mother, Harrison Ford for some reason, and a ton of My Little Ponies. (Yes, for whatever reason I think it stranger that I was teamed up with my mom and Harrison Ford than My Little Ponies.) Also, since we had won, or something of the sort, we had access to some sort of guild hall. So I went there.
The place was gigantic. A mansion really. People had already picked out rooms and such, and I wandered through, looking it over. My mom was swimming in a gigantic pool in the middle of the gigantic living room area, apparently. I asked her what had happened last night, and she filled me in. Apparently there was some sort of bomb threat. Some sort of interdimentional explosive compound had shown up, and our team, me especially, had been key in diffusing it.
It was then that Rainbow Dash rushed into the room. Apparently we hadn’t gotten it all, and she was calling the whole team together again to try to finish the job. The dangerous compound was some sort of red blob. Rainbow Dash explained, (In my dream, she was a chemist, and I didn’t really question this.) mostly for my benefit, that the way to diffuse it was to cover it with this green blob compound, and run it through a filter. That filter was a human brain. This was dangerous, of course. Apparently last night, I had been the filter, which is why I couldn’t remember it, but the amount she found today was so much more. More than just memory loss could occur. I volunteered, but everyone said no, I would be at much more risk than a new person because I did it last night. That’s when Harrison Ford stepped up and volunteered.
I combined the two blobs, and then pushed it into one side of his head, pulling it out the other. Each time I did this, his expression got more and more vacant, but the red was disappearing from the blob. Soon, most of the red was gone, but not all, but Harrison Ford was looking pretty bad. I didn’t want to keep going. I turned to ask Rainbow Dash if this was enough, but she wasn’t there.
I ran outside, into some sort of Mall area, looking for her. She was nowhere to be found. I was getting fucking desperate, and I remember feeling that way. Intense, real emotion of being lost and alone without her guidance. Eventually, I found her, though.

There was then a series of flash-forwards. I learned how to make portals to connect dimensions and places, so I could keep in touch with my teammates, who were going back to Ponyville after the tournament, of course. It was a much different method than pony magic, and I remember Twilight Sparkle being very interested in my technique. I also started to use them just to jump around the world. I went back to Brer’s house, and surprised him. I made Jonathan and Shauna take pictures of empty bathroom stalls at Disney World during their Honeymoon so I could focus on them and open gates there any time. (I figured bathroom stalls gave me the least chance of drawing attention to the portals at a place as busy as Disney World.)

Eventually, I went to my ex-girlfriend, Natalie’s, house. I don’t really know why. I was definitely visiting, though. I had many suitcases and bags. Her house was absolutely nothing like her house used to be when I was visiting. It was pretty huge, seemed to have Brer’s living room attached to it for some reason, and was stuffed to the brim with comic books and manga, which was something she liked, but never to this extent. I mostly just remember trying to leave, and having trouble because, apparently, I had brought a ton of comic books and stuffed animals to her house, and I was having difficulty sorting mine from hers. I woke up from the dream going through her many shelves to try to figure out where my stuff was. I couldn’t even find all the luggage I brought.

And that was my dream! I woke up then, and played Tiny Tower in bed. I’m awesome. Seriously, though. I never remember my dreams. Why did I remember something as nonsensical as this? My brain must just be amazing. I’m also just surprised about all the Pony influence. The Harrison Ford thing I get, as I had written that Cowboys and Aliens ramble right before going to bed, but I haven’t experienced something pony-related in quite awhile. Eh, who knows.

*puts on bullshit hat*
Perhaps your mind is craving an escape from something. All the luggage imagery combined with this badass ability to travel instantaneously to fun places linked with escapism and carefree enjoyment, tells me that you need to be somewhere where you’re in control and where you can be yourself.

I wish my dreams were that cool. My last one was basically just an entire normal day at work, except I wasn’t wearing my work uniform. There weren’t even any dinosaurs or anything. It was pretty lame. :-)

Comment by Joshua de Vries — August 8, 2011 @ 6:57 am

Most cute, amazing dream ever.

Comment by Kale — August 9, 2011 @ 4:16 am

[…] is as good as mine, readers. And I dunno, if you want to see how often I dream, look back at when the last time I wrote about this stuff was. I haven’t had a dream since then. […]

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