August 7, 2011

Also, What’s The Deal With The Hummingbird?

I saw a movie called Cowboys and Aliens. I was hoping for a film that had both cowboys, doing cowboy things, and aliens, doing alien things, within it. These groups, hopefully, would fight, causing action scenes to occur and be entertaining. That’s pretty well all I hoped for.

Luckily, it delivered just that.

If you’re going to see one dumb, fun action movie, I’d still pick Captain America, but I enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens a lot. They had some good people in there, which helped. Cast sensibly, Harrison Ford still comes off as a badass. Though it’s kind of dumb how they tried to make him seem kind of evil at the beginning, and then UH OH immediately he’s a good guy completely. Making him more of a tactician than frontline hero dude, and letting Daniel Craig do most of that, let the movie use him really well, I thought. Similarly, they let Daniel Craig do what he’s good at, be a complete stone-cold badass, and that was fun. Watching him calmly fuck people up that annoyed him was really one of the highlights of the film.
I’m not going to mention Sam Rockwell just to piss Essner off.

The plot was not completely sensible. The aliens want gold? Okay. But that doesn’t really explain too much about why they’re attacking towns and whatnot. The claim that it’s for research so they can learn human weaknesses really only makes sense for a small handful of humans. Not entire towns. Of course, if they didn’t, then nobody would be riding out to stop them, and you’d have no movie. I guess maybe they’re searching for Daniel Craig’s wristband? But if they are “underestimating” humanity, why would they believe he could use it to good effect? I mean, I guess he does. But isn’t that like… if I dropped a pistol in front of some aliens? Even if they could use the pistol, it’s not enough by itself, right? Of course, this is a movie, so it ends up being as such! But you know what I mean.

Still, what I’m doing is looking at problems in what is mostly just a fun action flick. Turn your brain off, watch cowboys shoot six-shooters at aliens, and enjoy yourself. It’s fun.

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Comment by Essner — August 7, 2011 @ 7:55 pm

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