January 5, 2009

Lambda is for Victory.

As of today, in Twilight Heroes, I am ranked 9th overall in PvP.

What the fuck.

You might recall there was a time where I was really into the PvP in Twilight Heroes. I still think it’s pretty awesome. But I haven’t really been worrying about it for a long while. I’ve just been doing a fight every now and then to keep me as a viable target. Somehow, this rocketed me up the ranks. Perhaps I was one of the few higher-ranked people who kept themselves targetable, and thus those who were trying to grind rank specifically for the board kept attacking me, and losing, and up my rank went? That’s just a theory, though. This came out of nowhere, and I might not have even noticed if Cris hadn’t pointed it out to me. Why did it happen? Must have been Hitsuzen, I suppose…

But seriously, wow. Just wow.

I’m not going to worry about staying on the board. I’m just going to keep doing what I do. If I stick around on there, awesome. But fun is my first priority. Constantly worrying about a leaderboard seems to be the exactly opposite of that. But man, there’s my name. And it’s not even about snowflakes or anything!


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