November 17, 2008

Taking a Break to Punch Heroes in the Face

On a complete whim, I joined Twilight Heroes’s PvP system a couple nights ago by paying a few chips at the Unbranded Arena. I’m still not completely clear why I did this. I mean, I’m a Hearty-Diamond. Beating other people is about the farthest thing from my goal in these games. I’d rather buff them to high heaven. But there were a bunch of PvP items in there and I wanted to see what those items were, so before I knew it, I’d joined. After realizing it drains my in-game time and thus my Sidekick time, I went about using up the rest of my Mafia informant action and then I gave it a go.
It’s actually pretty fun.
The main reason I don’t like PvP is because it’s almost inherently picking on people in games like this. I have to go and find a target and then keep on attacking just them because, well, it would be a pain in the butt to find another target, wouldn’t it? Ryme fixed that well by having a little box of “hey, while you’re in the arena, here’s a list of 10 heroes of a similar PvP rank to you who are PvP active.” So you just click “Duel” on one of those and away you go. The game takes you out of that PvP active list if you haven’t attacked someone in a week, I think? So I know everyone on that list wants me to attempt to punch them in the face. Plus, I can only beat them up twice a day, so I couldn’t even pick on them if I wanted to. Basically, I feel like that list makes random aggression acceptable in my eyes. Perhaps that’s weird.
The other main reason I don’t PvP is because I’m not competitive. I never try to have the best and most powerful in a game or optimize the shit out of myself. I’m just in it to have fun. TH’s PvP is like an entirely different game, with a very small selection of equipment you can pick which you set aside in a locker and don’t actually have to equip. It’s just changed magically the moment a duel starts. The mechanics, too, of trying to outsmart how your opponent has set the Rock-Paper-Scissors generator is also a fun little mind-game. But basically, it’s so removed from the main game, it doesn’t have to disrupt what I’m doing over there. I don’t have to adjust my equipment every time I decide to have some PvP matches. If I lose, it’s just ruining my PvP ranking and keeping me from getting more Lambda Tokens to buy more PvP gear or just to put in my Memuseum to brag. It’s set up to be a game lifestyle choice, hopefully, eventually, but it’s also in a nice little side box so that I can go in when I’d like, and get out and get back to normal when I prefer. Compare that to something like WoW or whatnot, where you’re either completely removed from PvP or you could be attacked at any time. I like this better.
Did any of that make sense? I mean, I’ve been needing something new to do in game besides farm chips, so this is filling that role nicely as well. I think I’ll keep up the PvP at least long enough to get the PvP equipment I want, and then do an attack or two every couple of days so I can keep defending against attacks after that.
Yep. That’s my PvP ramble.

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