December 15, 2010

The Company May Be Bad, But The Campaign Is Not

I recently played through the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 single player on 360! “But wait,” you may say, “don’t you own Bad Company 2 on the PC? I remember you mentioning something about the multiplayer.”
You are totally correct, I do own it on PC, yet I rented it on 360 to play the single player.
Yes, I’m not completely sure why I did either.

Still, I’m glad I finally played the single player, because it was FANTASTIC. Seriously, it makes Medal of Honor look like a fucking joke. I had fun the entire way through. You should play it.

The cast from the first Bad Company are back, and they’re still pretty funny! Granted, you have to seek out the funny conversations in this game. They don’t happen unless you dilly dally about going to objectives. But seriously, they’re hilarious. Just take a look at these. Amazing. The characters in this game are just fantastic, seriously.

Those characters are backed up by some really great gunplay. Basically all the control issues from the first Bad Company have been completely fixed. The game controls great, has good checkpoints, and gives you a variety of great weapons. Granted, it got rid of a lot of the uniqueness, too. You no longer can drive vehicles on big, open areas. You only do those in set sequences. Similarly, you have the standard “heavy breathing” healing method, instead of the syringe from the first game. This, especially, is a shame, because that was one of the coolest, more unique elements of the first game. Still, it’s all updated and it all works great.
As far as the guns go, I like the “supply drop” system they have in the game. Basically, like the first game, you unlock guns as you go along. Only now, whenever you read a supply drop, you can request any weapon you unlock. This lets you adapt for whatever situation is coming up. Enemy armor? Grab an RPG. Need to be close and personal? Grab and assault rifle and a shotgun. It’s a really friendly system that rewards you for seeking out more guns, so you can unlock them. It’s great.

The plot itself was not… great? But it was a plot. Things were connected together based on this silly fake EMP-type weapon that you end up stopping. You have a sense of progression, certainly. It’s serviceable. It works.

Playing through this game, I’m mostly just amazed at how good it is. The multiplayer is fucking fantastic as well, and this single player component is actually quite fun. Bad Company 2 just did not get as much praise as I feel like it should have. So I’ll give it some more praise here. It’s a fantastic game, and it’s probably kind of cheap now. If you want a shooter, and haven’t played it, pick that shit up. You’ll be thanking me.

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