October 1, 2010

Retcon: Day Whatever Today Is

I just thought, for lack of anything more structured to say today, I’d collect some of my thoughts on Retcon thus far. (Retcon being the new Twilight Heroes ascension-style mechanic. You did read my plea to get you to play, right?) I’m going to just be open about things, so, you know, spoilarz if you care.

Basically, I thought the last quest was great. It had a nice little mechanic to it, dungeon-crawling through the building. I didn’t find anything particularly hard, but again, it’s designed for level 11 players, and I was level 50. No surprises there. What really struck me is how effective kidnapping my understudy was. I had played the game before understudies, of course, but I mean… I got to name her. She was Sharp-Ears. It really did seem like an affront, and it was effective. I could see a new player, who didn’t have a huge stockpile of sidekick-summoning items, really having a challenge without their understudy. We’ll see when I get there on this run, anyway.

The identity of The Mick, as well, caught me as off-guard. Mostly because I didn’t remember who the hell Michael Ace was. As I’m replaying, though, it’s pretty obvious. The problem was me getting quests out of order and years ago at this point. I didn’t remember all the plot points of the story! I’m seeing it set up as I go back through. That’s working well, too.

The actual Retcon itself didn’t work too well, though. I stumbled upon a bug that deleted all my item-summoning IoTMs and gave me thousands of lab suits instead. Of course, Ryme was very happy to help me get them back, which is awesome of him, and he got the bug fixed immediately after that, as far as I know. It’s a small operation, and it’s understandable for there to be a few bugs. It was kind of stressful for a moment, but not a big deal. Heh.

I’m enjoying playing through the game a bit quite a lot. I picked a fairly easy run for this first one, where I get free pulls and an endpoint where I can pull everything (Which, the more I think about it, I probably won’t pick again. 10 pulls a day is more than enough for the whole run, especially if I get access to all my stuff after I beat Ace again) and “Naturally Hyper,” which gives me a little time bonus, but doesn’t let me use caffeine and sugar, so I don’t feel obligated to run as many turns. I really can’t see myself not taking my sidekick from the beginning or locking myself off from gained skills, but I appreciate them having those options. It’s not really for me, though.

It is pretty amazing how powerful some of these IoTMs are, now that they’re in context. The biggest “wow” I’ve encountered is the Exotic Throwing Stars Gift Set. I’m looking through the blog, and I’m not finding a review of it? Must have forgotten to write one that month. Still, I knew it would be useful in this kind of setting, but not THIS useful. Basically all I’ve done is thrown stars to beat every enemy so far. They are obscenely powerful. Maybe I’ll eventually hit a level where they’re no longer slaughtering everyone before they can really attack me, but until then, man. Enjoying them. I’m also getting a lot more use out of the Mummers’ Gloves, now that the random stat bonuses are more useful, seeing as I’m not 10x powerful than most enemies I’m fighting.

There are a few weird choices. For instance, I can use my lost items and stuff on people who are under restrictions. That seems… odd. Maybe that changed or I’m not understanding it, but so I hear. Also, I didn’t get to perm a skill from my first run. That also seemed a bit off, but won’t be that big a deal in the long run.
Still, those are very minor complaints. Not even complaints, really. Retcon is fun times.
Fun times!

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