September 26, 2010

Basically, I’m Telling You To Play Twilight Heroes.

By the time you read this, Retcon will be happening. Of course, I write shit early, so I don’t have any amazing stories about it or anything, but I mean, I have to get the word out, right? I’ll give it a go.

There was a time when I played so many browser RPGs. SO MANY OF THEM I PLAYED! I did it all the time. You know this, you’ve been to this blog. However, recently, I haven’t really been doing as such. It’s not been from a lack of enjoyment, because when I do manage to jump in and play, I still have fun. Basically, I have trouble devoting my time to anything regularly nowadays, and those games sort of went the same way. It’s a shame, but it’s true. I still play once every week, or maybe less, I do admit, but it’s not a serious thing. I’ve wrung most of the “new” experiences out of something like KoL, and so there isn’t a whole lot extra there for me. I don’t really play games to achieve mastery. I play them to see new things and have fun, you know? I’m a Heart-y Diamond. Or something like that.

However, as I mentioned, Twilight Heroes is starting Retcon today. This is basically their version of ascension from KoL. Ascension is a great, great mechanic, and kept me playing KoL for a long, long time. Twilight Heroes is an equally fantastic game, and now that Retcon exists, I get to see so much more of it. I am never really an “endgame” sort of player in any of these sorts of things, and that’s been the state I’ve been within in Twilight Heroes for forever now. Retcon changes all that, though. I can redo quests I did so long ago, I probably don’t even remember them. I can try out the other classes, and see what I think about them. I can use some of my huge selection of IoTMs that are designed more for lower-level play, and see how they affect things. Suddenly, the game opens up a whole lot of newness. I am completely excited.

Twilight Heroes is a free experience worth your time. Retcon will make the game have a clear ending point, even if it changes down the line. In a sense, it’s “complete.” Because of that, you aren’t going to get a better time to jump in to the game, unless you jumped in near the beginning like myself. This is a perfect time to do that. I do suggest you do that. I’m biased for a lot of reasons, of course. I’ve made some damn good friends from the game, and am pretty damn close to someone who writes for it. But I enjoyed it before I had those connections, and I still enjoy it.

Oh shit, twitter just updated and said it went live. I’m jumping in. You guys should too.

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