February 21, 2010

Birthday Strategery

Yeah, okay, so it’s a month away. Yeah, so it’s kind of self-serving. But man, sometimes these birthday things require strategy. Especially when your family has absolutely no clue about the things you are into.

If you remember how much I hate March, the month of my birth, you’ll recall there are many key titles that I have to acquire during that month. (Okay, I don’t HAVE to, but I will.) Many of these would make wonderful birthday gifts. However, accessibility is important. For example, I would trust my parents or grandparents to be able to find Pokemon anywhere. I mean, it’s fucking Pokemon. Same with Final Fantasy XIII. But with things like Chaos Rising, it becomes a tougher sell. Are they going to be able to find such things? Should I put them through that? Probably not.

The plan I am undertaking is just keeping Chaos Rising and Strange Journey to myself. Those are going to be hard to find, and I can handle them. Plus, if I preorder Chaos Rising on Steam, I get a free copy of Saints Row 2, which I’ve been told I should play if I liked Red Faction: Guerrilla and which supposedly has co-op and is a game that Brer already owns. I’ll also score any preorder bonuses that Atlus packages with Strange Journey, which is a benefit. As much as I’m interested in XIII, it can wait, and it will be everywhere, so it won’t be an issue for anyone to pick up. Pokemon, especially, is at the bottom of the list. I love Pokemon, and I want to Pokewalk up a storm, but I don’t need that day one. This is how it works out, and it’ll work out fine.

I sort of wish I didn’t have to do these sorts of things. Being surprised is nice. But I am just so, so far away from what my parents understand in regards to these things. It’s better to be on top of it, and plan, than it is to get things I’m not really into, as that is a negative to both me and the gift-giver, you know?

Planning it does feel kind of selfish, though. Eh, whatever.

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