January 18, 2010

Fuck you, March.

I hate March, and I hate every game developer releasing a game in March. Seriously, why are you doing this to me? Let’s run down the games that there is no way I’m not buying that come out in March.

1) Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver. I may have not beat a Pokemon game in a long while, but I still love them to death, and this is a remake of my favorite of the series, and it comes with the fucking re-imagining of the Pokemon Pikachu. I am so in. It’s coming out March 14th.
2) Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. I’m a MegaTen fangirl now, so I have to get this. Plus, people say it’s one of the best installments of the series in forever. It comes out March 23rd.
3) Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. I upgraded a computer to play Dawn of War II, and I loved every second of it. You better believe I’m getting the expansion day 1, which would be March 11th.
4) Final Fantasy XIII. Honestly, this is the only one I don’t need day 1, but only because of all this other amazing shit coming out in the same time frame. I will completely play it eventually, though, especially if it goes through with what I hear about “nice and linear, straightforward, with intriguing combat” that people are murmuring. It comes out March 9th.

That is way, way more RPG-esque goodness than I can handle in that kind of time period. Especially considering that I am going to be so, so busy with work, school, teaching, and, hopefully transitioning.

So yeah, fuck you, March. Shame on you for giving me so much awesome shit to look forward to.

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