March 31, 2010

Extra for Daily Reporter: A Deadly Premonition Story Discussion

Well, I beat it. I was unsure if I was going to, but I totally completely completed DEADLY PREMONITION. I liked it. I say that with some warnings. This really isn’t a good game mechanically. The open world stuff is tedious. The shooting is awful. It has some strangely-compelling voice acting, but that’s basically it […]

March 30, 2010

IoTM Review: Drink Me

Remember that Disney Channel Alice in Wonderland show where the White Rabbit was a guy in a bunny suit who was force to wear rollerblades so as to be hip? Oh, don’t worry, I found a link for you so you can experience it. What does that have to do with KoL’s IoTM of the […]

March 29, 2010

Start Profiling: Open World Mechanical Systems

Since I put the tag “Start Profiling” on the last post, I guess that means I’m writing a series about DEADLY PREMONITION. I guess that’s okay. I can write a little more. I still haven’t beat it or anything, but here are some more of my early thoughts. If I ever do finish it, you […]

March 28, 2010

Start Profiling: Intro, Voice Acting

Between birthday and just awesomeness coming out, I just don’t have time for all the games I want to play. This is frustrating, especially since I only tend to write about games I’ve finished on here, most of the time. I go for the “review” and things. But now I’m worried. As much as I […]

March 27, 2010

Burfdaye Aftermath

After I have an experience such as a birthday, which I have recently had this Wednesday, I tend to record my haul, partially because I am excited about it, and partially so I can say thank you for awesome in a public setting. I don’t know why this year would be any different, although I’ve […]

March 26, 2010

A more complex way to backstab.

Classic Munchkin is a much better game than Munchkin Cthulhu. It’s weird, in a way. You’d almost always expect the first entry in a series to be the most simple, and have only the most basic of mechanics that sequels and spinoffs would build on. This just isn’t the case with Munchkin. Munchkin Cthulhu is […]

March 25, 2010

Grrr, Gender-Based Game Mechanics

We had another night of Munchkin on Monday, and it was mostly good times. We played the original, which I picked up (which apparently made Shauna playfully angry, since she had suggested getting the game for me and Jonathan said that it wasn’t my kind of game) and I’m sure you’ll see a review of […]

March 24, 2010

It’s the day of my birth.

Yay for me. It’s another time passing marker. I get presents for not dying. I’m down with that, I guess. And at least, this time around, I can’t say I’ve sat on my laurels. Look at all the shit I’ve accomplished since last time I had a birthday. I got a college degree. I started […]

March 23, 2010

A wide selection of monsters and treasures.

Essner wanted to play Munchkin. So much that he bought Munchkin Cthulhu, and we went at it. Munchkin is one of those touchstone games that I feel like anyone who gives a shit about board and card games should know about. Yet, I had never played it, and really didn’t feel the need to seek […]

March 22, 2010

Feels like a linkdumpin’ kind of day…

Go go linkdump! I completely forget how I stumbled upon this. It’s very furry, but blowing my mind with awesome, I will admit. Maybe I haven’t seen enough suits like that, but that is just amazing for a non-anthro costume. But on top of that, think of the story which lead to this post on […]