March 22, 2010

Feels like a linkdumpin’ kind of day…

Go go linkdump!

I completely forget how I stumbled upon this. It’s very furry, but blowing my mind with awesome, I will admit. Maybe I haven’t seen enough suits like that, but that is just amazing for a non-anthro costume.
But on top of that, think of the story which lead to this post on this blog. Now, I don’t know what the website actually is. I haven’t been there, besides this link. But seriously, this is completely furry and outside the realm of any sort of gadget blog. Think of the writer justifying it to the people who run the site. Or maybe he’s there, sweating and worrying, and the people running the site just shrug. “As long as it’s bringing in the clicks.” Then they go back to counting money. I dunno, I feel like the story behind it is almost as entertaining.
In any case, the people in the comments are also stupid. This is obviously a creation of craftsmanship. It should cost that much. Whether the average person would get use out of it to justify that price is another story. I know I probably wouldn’t. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind having it. But oh well.

Let’s see, what other links are good? How about this one, which leads to Brickroad’s very long co-op LP of Secret of Evermore? This is a link worth following if you are a connoisseur of fine LPs. It’s slowly being posted, but it’s great. Even if they are just grinding for levels with the Spear forever and so on. Heh.

Finally, LBJ was apparently pretty amazing. I feel bad for Joe Haggar.

Anyway, that’s some stuff. Apparently. Enjoy your stuff and your day, I’ll try to think of something vaguely interesting to write for next time, promise.

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