September 30, 2009


My students have completed their first paper, and are well on their way to the second. I’ve also graded my first paper, and been observed in class. How did I do? Good! Apparently! On the grading scale, it doesn’t look like I used many C’s or D’s. I had a couple awful papers that ended […]

September 29, 2009

IoTM Review: Shugar-y.

Are we sick of Tomes yet? No? Cause, you know, this month’s IoTM (with the review barely in in time!) is the Tome of Sugar Shummoning. This is a tome that lets you summon 3 Sugar Sheets a day, which you can then change into a wide variety of equipment. These last for approximately 30 […]

September 28, 2009

This is another Windowed Mode rant, this time about Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Your game runs in an operating system called MICROSOFT WINDOWS. Therefore, your game should run in a window. Your game is meant as a form of entertainment. Therefore, I should be free to consume your game content ANY WAY I DAMN WELL PLEASE. If this means I want to watch twitter while I play, and […]

September 27, 2009

The only way to liberate Mars is to destroy every inch of it with explosives.

So, Red Faction: Guerrilla may be one of the best games of the year, hands down. I mention often that, when I play open world games, Crackdown has spoiled me. It’s “missions seamlessly in the world” without having to pull up an instance and the intense, enjoyable level of power you have as you play […]

September 26, 2009

3 Times Fab

So last night, we once again had a Beatles: Rock Band session. After the discovery that my USB headset worked as a mic in the game, we then had the ability, between it and my mic stand, to have three part vocals, no matter how many people were playing instruments. So we took advantage of […]

September 25, 2009

Here’s a rundown of my shitty Wednesday.

So here’s how my Wednesday went. I got up early, and went to school to prepare. I was getting everything all semi-perfect, since Dr. Phegley was observing my class. It all went as well as could be expected, I think, but nonetheless, it was pretty stressful. I don’t know. It’s hard not to feel that […]

September 24, 2009

This whole “morning person” routine is taking some getting used to.

I keep waking up earlier and earlier. This is kind of distressing, as I’m probably not getting enough sleep as it is. Scratch that, I know I’m not getting enough sleep. So its probably a bad thing that my get up time is slowly creeping farther and farther into the morning. When I went to […]

September 23, 2009

Mike and Ike Lemonade Stand Mix is Fucking Delicious

No, seriously. I mean, it’s no secret that I enjoy my fruit-flavored candies. Because I do enjoy them. Very much so. It’s also no secret that I enjoy things that are sour, as well as things that are citrus-y. I mean, you’re reading a post by someone who used to eat lemonade mix as a […]

September 22, 2009

How could a game with bunnies wielding magic go wrong?

So there is a fighting game out there called Battle Fantasia. At some point, I got it into my head that it was very button-masher friendly. I also got it into my head that it has a bunny wizard. Therefore, it seemed like something I should rent from Gamefly, so I put it in my […]

September 21, 2009

None of the colors on the icon are “Chrome.”

So there’s a computer in my office up at school, and when I got it, it had been wiped, all fresh and clean for me. This meant I had the “only Internet Explorer” issue. So, of course, the first order of business is to get another browser up ins, stat. Normally, of course, you go […]